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  1. Well, the models are done, but they would still have to do the coding, animations, voice lines etc. I don't 'hate' Solaris, I just think they've been written poorly, and DE should focus more on giving them a proper backstory before they start adding them left and right to the game to make a false impression, that they were part of the game universe from the beginning. Their only role in this game is to make Corpus look more evil because they enslave poor cyborg people (which makes no sense, since they already have legions of proxies working way more efficiently), at least as of writing of this post, which hopefully changes in the future, I would love to see Solaris with an actual reason to exist in the origin system. That doesn't mean I have to agree with every suggestion made by everyone ever. As you said, everyone is different, and I think DE should fix Solaris lore before they start putting them to the game. At the end of the day, dude it's just an opinion on the internet, I'm not forcing you to agree with me. If you like Solaris as they are, that's cool good for you. Just understand that not everyone share the same likings as you and they also have the right to say their opinion (duh)
  2. 'If you don't like x, don't use x' is not the best thing to say in this scenario. Adding Ostrons and Solaris won't have any impact on gameplay experience and it will consume developer's time, so instead of working on new content they will be adding what is essentialy a pointless thing. Besides, it's my opinion and you have the right to disagree with me as I disagree with you. Also, Solaris are dumb lore-wise and I think the less we have them in game, the better.
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