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  1. man the grind is because its fun and the rewards are cool and the event is really fun tbh
  2. I wanna replay the chimera prologue can u guys at DE make it replayable?
  3. So i went to my dojo and invited the person i want to trade with he is the dojo and i am in the dojo also but we dont see each other and we cant trade i went to his dojo same thing can u please fix this?
  4. If u pressed alt tab while u watching the stream u pause the stream and then it doesnt count OR u havent linked ur twitch with ur warframe account Or U Muted ur stream
  5. Rebecca said it might take a week to deliver all the nekros primes
  6. Rebecca said it might take a week to give everyone their nekros primes Chill
  7. ur gonna get ephamera and the account logging in glitch that happended yesterday was solved and even it took longer for me to get my rewards yesterday i couldnt get my reward but after a few hours i got my nekros prime and ephamera
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