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  1. I wasn't big fan of Garuda and eventually deleted her but I know that I did take her at level 10 to void survival AXI relic run for MR levelling and survived only because of that shield. What I meant to say is that if you're aware of your surroundings and look at minimap for enemy positions then Garuda's shield is very reliable. Especially because it's basically infinite because of how little energy it costs to cast it.
  2. I started to farm her when I already had all starchart cleared, having Loki and Limbo and doing required spy missions took me about 5-10 mins. Did 3-4 runs a day and I think it took maybe 3 days and most likely 2-3 hours total to get her.
  3. Basically carrying a friend through entire starchart and giving him cool, shiny stuff will only create a high MR tool who will later join other people and ruin their games with his own stupidity. The best thing you can do to help your friend is to give him advice/answers when he has a specific questions about something that he encountered and didn't understand during progressing through starchart. Just don't breed a high MR stupid moron by carrying a friend through everything,
  4. Find 3 condrocs sitting on ground, run to them and start blazing your gun - challenge completed. I know I've done it with Ignis when they didn't even had time to get up from the ground. Just found condrocs sitting on the ground, started shooting and got the notification about completed challenge.
  5. Hi. Turns out I'm a liar - bullet jump breaks Prowl for me as well. I guess I do not use her as aften as I thought. If that helps I am now doing spy missions by wall running with her. Tried in last sortie spy mission yesterday - just bullet jumped through mobs while visible and activated Prowl only before data vaults, then run through everything by wall running/jumping. Took about 10 min to finish mission.
  6. I don't use Nekros for anything serious but for starchart stuff and PoE and Vallis bounties it's enough to have Despoil + Shield of shadows + Equilibrium + health conversion. I have all ability stats at base 100% only and usually don't even use his 4. it's just that these four mods mentioned before are the ones you will need to start trying to tank anything. The rest I guess should be something to improve his health and shield and ability strength. I don't see the point to mod him for energy regen or eficiency as he pretty much will always have full energy no matter what you do.
  7. The poor man's choice for when you don't want to pay real money for riven - Buzlok. Can get cheap riven and mod it to do decent damage.
  8. Do not cast abilities with touchpad. You can use all warframes' abilities by holding R1 and pressing/holding the "X" button for 1st ability, "square" button for 2nd ability, "O" for 3rd ability and "triangle" for 4th ability. So hold R1+"triangle" to charge Scarab armour, then hold R1+press "triangle" when aiming at enemies to send scarabs at them, hold R1+"square" for Devour - you will suck the targeted enemy towrds you and keep healing while invincible until enemy loses all HP and is turned into sand minion, hold R1 and press "X" for Desiccation, hold R1 and press "O" for Sandstorm which is by the way most useless Inaros's ability. Using abilities with touchpad will only make you want to kill yourself. Just don't do it.
  9. I'm not sure what you expect after 2 days of playing. The way to "get powerful" is based more on what mods you have rather than what frame or weapon you use. Rhino is more like frame that make newbs feel powerful on first planets until they realise that Iron skin doesn't save them on next planets - basically Rhino as early frame will turn you into tool that will die all the time later on. Focus can't be farmed in couple of days and you will have to do a lot of grinding for levelling up Mastery rank alone. You can't "get powerful" in couple of days even if you're ready to buy everything for real money because a lot of stuff is locked behind Mastery rank.
  10. Nope, you can just calmly beat the test next day. Log in, check foundry, do MR test, do something else and calmy log out.
  11. "Free to play" aka "grind or pay". Don't cry about how you want to be able to get stuff faster or easier as it won't happen.
  12. The Mastery test can also be referred to as "How stupid I really am test". If you fail a test and then go to forums to make a post about how it's not fun to do mastery tests then you truly failed epically and humans are doomed to extinction. If you fail test and then just take a minute to google how to beat said mastery test easily then you are gonna be fine, mankind will survive and most likely you will beat the test with next try.
  13. Zephyr is total garbage. You can have frames with similiar skills, just better and Zephyr passive is also more like a nuisance than benefit.
  14. Most frames' default skins can turn out to be good looking by just changing colors and hats but Inaros' default skin can't be saved. As soon as I had enough platinum from trades I bought the other skin for him. Also Oberon - feels so stupid to run around as a cow and his prime is even worse looking than default because there you have a cow on high heels and chess tower figures on shoulders to make it all even freakier. I'm surprised about hate for Ivara's default skin though because for me default is her best looking skin. I changed her hat, recolored her and she is now not just one of my most favourite frames because of her abilities but also because of her looks.
  15. You DO NOT need to fend off infestation. All you have to do is literally dash to Rell's manifestation, use trap, shoot it in the face and then repeat 2 more times. You literally just asked for option to get carried by someone else in quest that basically consists of running around. If you truly can't take down Rell's manifestation while the trap is active then you clearly just have to upgrade your weapons.
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