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  1. In short OP want to be able to clear any content with just spamming frame abilities. In my opinion it's good that things doesn't work that way in Warframe and players need to actually put some work and planning into which weapons they use and how they mod them. Otherwise there would eventually be frames that can be used to afk farm eidolons solo.
  2. When I had just found out about Umbra forma I couldn't decide which frame I should use it on. Went through all of my frames multiple times optimizing mod setups and ended up with just few frames left that I had actually put umbral mods on. And now I literally have no use for Umbral forma as all my frames have all the mods I want on them already. This and The Surge on PS Plus (I had no idea this game is the Dark Souls with exoskeleton suits - awesome game) killed my mood for doing Nightwave challenges or playing Warframe at all until something new comes. I guess I will force myself to grind the challenges this weekend but that Umbra forma will most likely gather dust in my inventory as there is nothing that can't be fixed with just forma.
  3. Plains bounties solo to make it faster = guaranteed nitain. It does drop and solo makes bounties much faster.
  4. Haven't tried loadout with melee only lately but I have done missions after last melee changes using only melee attacks and have never had my attacks interrupted. It's been done with hammers, swords and daggers and I really like how new melee works. And the auto parry is also great because it increases my survivability when I am dashing towards mobs shooting at me but at the same time I can interrupt it whenever I need with any action of my own.
  5. MR 2-4 people should have played tutorials quite recently and if they still don't understand something then they can always check index or warframe wiki or just google the info they need. Also MR 2-4 most likely aren't meant to do Vox Solaris quest line as Vallis in general is much higher level than rest of the planet. The best thing for new player to do is try and progress through the starchart and leave Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon for a bit later. So, if new player absolutely MUST to do Vox Solaris quest, then there are 2 options: 1) get gear, get good and come back later when ready for fight 2) get friends that taxi you through everything (and probably eventually evolve into high MR clueless tool that still need taxi for everything)
  6. Where do you see a "massive grind"? I have done 10 orb fights total from which I got 1 ephemera that I will most likely never even craft. I do Arbitrations once in a while when I am absolutely bored and already have got ephemeras from those as well. They literally drop by playing the game. I f anything you will most likely get ephemeras while grinding for Adaptation or Hyldrin's systems sooner than those items mentioned.
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