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  1. Congrats you guys! Love how you guys can color our frames up!!
  2. Even though I would like to do the prologue, I do not want to risk doing the whole star chart again, I have too many things in the foundry right now. "Once the Zyro has mastered his challenges, he must not look back to the past."
  3. It has begun, the number, the legendary number we have been waiting for. 14. It will start, get all of your weapons and potatoes ready you guys! It starts tomorrow!! Thanks DE! We can surely wait a little while longer :)
  4. Exactly. If we ever get thirsty on a way to a mission or coming home, it could say, "Zanuka KILL" and it dispenses Greedy Milk.
  5. I have played way too much, when I play with my dog, I speak fluent Corpus and Grineer to her. She just sits there and stares, and my parents look at me like I am a psycho, But I guess that shows what a true player I am, and how much I can remember what Corpus and Grineer sound like.
  6. Technically Vauban is already an Engineer type Warframe, but Modifying powers sounds cool!
  7. Imaging a shape-shifting Warframe, where, depending on the faction you could shape-shift into an enemy to get by, and the higher the rank of the Power is, the stronger the enemy type you will be, For example: Unranked: Grineer Butcher/Powerfist Rank 1: Lancer/Trooper/Shield Lancer/Ballista Rank 2: Seeker/Scorpion/Elite Lancer Max Rank: Bombard/Napalm
  8. There should also be a General Sargus Ruk Bobblehead that yells "Greedy Milk!"
  9. Nice to see those fixes, thanks DE!
  10. Well, this doesn't mean that Warframe is still Completely safe, they just said they are working with PWE. This game may have its end come to it faster now. Every game company that PWE has touch with their money grabbing hands has died, and DE, will eventually turn out this way. Only time will tell what will happen.
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