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  1. After writing my original post (page 3), I started running Railjack to see if I remember any new points that need to be mentioned. So, stuff I got so far: 1) Make it so only host can Refine resources until the mission complete screen. It is really annoying when random players just refine everything for no reason when you're forging. 2) What if we could bring, I dunno, let's call them "Exalted Turrets"? Many ships have weak or non-existent turrets - or something annoying like Cryophon or Pulsar - it would be cool to be able to deploy your own turret, even if its time-limited (e.g. equ
  2. 1) Things and places to find in missions! So far we only have that infested ruin. And its still exciting to stumble upon it, it makes world feel bigger, alive, filled with stuff. Add more! Not necessarily hostile, just something to make it all feel alive. Some ideas: Corpus spy base in Grineer space Grineer sabouter base in Corpus space Ruins with powerful dormant sentient from Old War - who awake when Tenno stumble upon it Solaris asteroid mining camp. Chance to buy some comestics/debt bonds/kitgun parts/maybe some new weapons or orbiter decorations. Small damag
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