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  1. Either for killing anything and everything, including things behind said thing; with my Catchmoon, or spreading status for Condition Overload.
  2. I use Rolling on my Ivara mostly for removing status procs or an emergency that pulls me out of invis as I don't use survival mods on her. Works great for what it is but it doesn't make me near as tanky as Adaptation, nor does it make me unkillable like my QT / Rage Nova. Different horses for different courses.
  3. I was $&*^ing around with my operator on the plains doing a riven last night and my 223 felt so weak; first time I've used it in months. Definitely not right.
  4. Slow Nova, Enemy Radar mod and an aoe weapon; I prefer the Amprex. You need a way to keep energy up but keep them slowed and go hunting. I use Eris' defense node.
  5. You don't need to put any arrows out, just stay invisible and use any silenced weapon. I did one this morning with her and an Amprex with the Hush mod.
  6. I voted. Good luck to your sister!
  7. On a related note: how do you instigate a trade if someone drags you to Maroos instead of a dojo? Last time that happened we just stood there because neither of us knew how. I ended up leaving and reinviting to my dojo.
  8. This thread makes me feel young at 43! Definitely seems to be an older player base on Warframe. It's nice. OP, I tea bag as a greeting all the time. I don't care for chat or text much so it's the best way to say hello!
  9. That's what I'm hoping for. Buying her access the day of, love to get my favorite rifle w my favorite frame.
  10. Use anything you want. If you aren't being too much of a drag on your team and are killing things I don't care what you play. I'd much rather an Inaros than a squishy frame.
  11. Anyone know when we are getting the new arbitration on PS4? I'm looking forward to the changes, I play them daily.
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