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  1. Shoot a cloak arrow at your feet, un invis and drop energy restores if you have them.
  2. If that's the case they should have been solo to do the riven. No reason at all to not use traps, I farmed a ton of simaris standing and unless invis as Ivara I almost always use traps, public included.
  3. The kuva adds up fast, and the rolls usually build up over a lot of time. So I have heard both that a resource drop chance booster effects vitus drops from drones (3% to 6%) and it does not. It feels like it has no effect, can anyone confirm?
  4. How long are they up? I'm stuck at work for a while, didn't notice before I left.
  5. I've seen carpet bombing happening in every mission; Brammas are everywhere
  6. From the perspective of a buyer: just ignore the over priced items and buy what you need when a fair price comes up. There are many, many fair priced deals to be had. If nothing else it looks sometimes like for non riven items it's race to the bottom; if you compare to warframe market you can get things for a steal. Regarding rivens, how can you over charge for an unique item with no intrinsic value? Even those prices are often really low barring flavor of the month meta weapons.
  7. Any Warframe abilities that suspend the enemies in the air work for this challenge to cheese it. Titania 1 or Rhino Stomp for example, Zephyr who was mentioned works as well. It's much easier to find them on the ground already, blow up the Darygn then ability the pilot and kill.
  8. It's a great example of a variant taking a fun but underpowered weapon and making it shine. Rolled a decent value heat Dragoon and managed to roll fire rate as one of positives on my riven; with negligible charge time its a cannon.
  9. Not a dumb question at all! We are 6 weeks, so 3 Baro cycles behind PC. See what they are getting and then... we wait. 🙂
  10. Just a heads up! Baro is bringing the shock 60/60 mod to console this weekend so that's good news for you! Personally I love the Kuva Brakk; hits like a truck. I can't compare it to Tysis but again, it hits hard. IMO it's worth keeping one of each Kuva weapon but that's just what I'm doing.
  11. Pax Seeker on a Catchmoon makes it a breeze. Slow Nova on a mission with a bunch of enemies in a room; equip aim glide duration mods, jump, get one headshot then just hold glide as long as you can. Pax Seeker does the 2nd 2 headshots for you.
  12. If energy is a concern for you while in Prowl then give it a go! It's not a bad mod at all just didn't work for me.
  13. I made a build with the mod and my Rubico Prime for Ivara but found, while the energy was nice, it wasn't enough nor was my energy drain enough to make it worthwhile.
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