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  1. I would love to give my opinion on the update but it takes your support team to find what is wrong with my account 2 weeks and they say it would take 8 weeks more.
  2. Please dont neglect the support tickets part of the game. In these difficult times its way more important to be able to log into the game and get our mind off some serious things than just fix some minor stuff .
  3. Pleeeeeaseeeeee improve your auto-ban system. with all the kuva bugs and the crashes i am pretty sure i am not the only victim suffering
  4. Maybe tone down a bit the new bow. Its extremely fun for the person using it but it has a few downsides. 1)Raises latency 2)Helps trolls ruin your fun. Last hour only i had 3 ppl spam this on me. I dont think this is something DE tolerates. 3)Limits visibility a lot. These are my personal opinions but i strongly believe everyone should have fun in a group Btw thank you for the awesome kuva nukor
  5. Please improve the auto-ban system. getting banned while doing nothing illegal takes a heavy toll on ppl
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