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  1. Ah, I was going by the star chart loot drops, then I guess that also needs to be updated. However I would like to see the mods drop fixed first. Also good video, how long did that take you to capture. I tried for about an hour and didn't get one, unless I picked it up without seeing it.
  2. Hotfix hit, I just did 5-6 runs, picked up Orokins cells, I am not sure if the Developers understand the problem we are reporting. Orokin cells SHOULD NOT DROP on Jupiter. fixing their drop symbol is not the issue. The issue is the MODs that drop from the Hidden/secret Labs are NOT dropping.
  3. you had a bugged frame, it is a common issue. A few ways to fix it is. Get on your K-drive die Jump into water, type /unstuck in chat K-drive normally fixes it, but if not try the others
  4. Taking a Smeeta is good, but if you spot a wisp, don't hang around waiting for Charm to proc, sounds like a good idea, but the wisp might fly away or, you could end up wait 10-20 mins for it to proc and you could have collected two or three in that time. A resource booster will also give you the same effect and you won't need it to proc :P Itzals comet blast will allow you to pick up the wisps, but thief's wit won't work and neither will companion loot radar mods while in the Archwing. One trick I do is walk along one side of the lake, river or pond and scan the other side with a sniper scope, to save time walking all the way around and you can quickly traverse the route you have laid out. Also, the codex scanner will not highlight them for you, so don't waste your time trying,
  5. You have to send the EE into supprt through a ticket. link this thread in the ticket
  6. Jupiter - any mission - secret laboratories Mobs - Amalgam Arca Kucumatz - Amalgam Cinder Machinists - Amalgam Arca Heqets - Amalgam Phase MOA - Amalgam Swarm Satyr While farming the Secret labs for the Kavet grace - Gale kick - Odomedic - Anit grav array mod, I found that I was picking up the mods, but they were not registering in my rewards as mods, but were registering as some other reward,it would say I picked up a Orokin cell or Hexenon. As far as I know, Orokin cells are not obtainable from Jupiter, unless dropped by a stalker/invasion and/or Assasination boss. Speculation - The mods that should drop are not labelled correctly on the loot table and are being replaced with something else. Orokin cells/Hexenon! I have sent the EE log to support as a ticket, and I will link this report in the ticket as well, and hopefully they can get to the bottom of this. This is a video I edited from my stream showing the mods being picked up and other loot being given as a reward. Sorry for the quality, either my bitrate was set too low, or mixer downgrades the file for download. I am new to mixer, so not entirely sure.
  7. Jupiter - any mission - Hidden/secret laboratories MOB - Amalgam arca Kucumatz Khroa - ability 4 - strangle dome - pilfering mod So while running a number of Jupiter mission(funny enough to capture information on another bug) I discovered Khora strangle dome doing no damage to the above mentions mob in the labs. It held the mob in place, as if it was held in the dome, but no damage was happening to the mob, my kavet smeeta could damage it and any weapon I fired at it would also damage the mob. Unknown if other mobs are effected by this, I know DE changed loot drops from Hydroid/Nekros/Khora and Wukong in the last patch, not sure if this is a result of that change, will need further testing! I am sending the EE file to support and writing this up to include in the ticket!
  8. Wisps are rare, spawns are 2-4 during day and 6-8 at night on the entire POE map. It is not unusual to get 0 a run or 10 a run, depending or your route and luck. Check the Wisp map to workout an ideal route.
  9. I had this a month ago, when I was trying to finish off my Cephalon fragments, my Helios managed to scan it and TBH, I thought the fragment was in a hidden panel and Helios managed to cheese it for me. Are we sure it is not a hidden panel, it is not like the derelict isn't full of them?!
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