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  1. DE plaase fix punch trought on catchmoon .... 😕 we wait long time thank you
  2. same on pc .... bugged punch trought ....
  3. Hello please add little more immortal time for host leave in arbitration, many players play on toaster, host leave make dissable all ability and behind cut scene ships are 90% players killed... thank you I think best idea: ADD choice if want hosting or join to match please
  4. 99,9% time i dead only for HOST LEAVE! please fix this easy problem host leave animation make DISSABLE ALL ABILITY, dead in loading screen ... thank you
  5. i spot same problem, enemys are buffed or nezha shield is broken 90% maps with enemy up to 50lvl now ignore my dmg reduction and destroy 4700 shield in one shoot
  6. hi i play with nezha 99.9% time last two updates i spot problem with he 3 ability, any dmg ignore my heavy duty armor + ability shield and doing extremly dmg please check
  7. all nice, but get me back old Q menu, i dont see anything and now is menu choice 5x slow in fight.....
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