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  1. If you say you still have the same dmg then you are probably liar and you are not owner the riven, my kuva did 600k-2M dmg after pseudo status changes doing max 150k per hit. After rhino + arbit 460% dmg back all working normal. I'm pissed off, I paid another expensive thing and DE will make sure that expensive thing can't kill a drone for one shot in arbitration
  2. Dont know read? Kuva bramma is allready nerfed in quietly. After i add +460% dmg work again normal as before (rhino + arbit 460%)
  3. This is possible i run 40 maps and nothing, and one larva make insta suicide then show weapon
  4. allready missing -400% dmg NERFED in quietly, what next? DE destroy again only one weapons for endgame hardcore players, what want play 1-2hrs map? .. Super After few years what i play see only nerf all, all destroyed... tiberon, rubico adn now my fkn pistol is more streng then 99% primary guns... Im sad from this game, i see only support for noobs, but totaly F on engame..
  5. simple script can be write. Hide relic name in active match only, if building squad u can see what have selected peoples
  6. Hi friends after any update with new items players destroy game with join look on relics and leave, i think is perfect idea implement 5 minutes or wait before match end then can join to new. Is annoy if see 10x per few seconds join leave join leave.
  7. next trash gun ... no more then 300 for riven
  8. Thank you i can confirm same, but english is not my language and translator dont know right what i want.
  9. Please fix dojo problems 1. players are randomly spawned into railjack 2. AFTER SCARLET cant make any trade, all players what invite to our dojo are ghost, no visible but have confirmed he are in our dojo. no visible, no chance trade. . . .
  10. Nobody even reads that. DE like broke all, nerf all and liar ... example kuva bramma is nerfed -400% dmg and NO WE NO NERF. ... 0% motivation spend any cent fot him
  11. I ADD next one SPLIT FLIGHTS cant be used for kuva bramma? Bramma is not BOW? What is Bramma minigun? DE use head!! This game go mega fast do ass...
  12. Hi is it normal or bug? Spear market not give rank 5 arcane after buy. .. Little duck is thief .. 😄 Fix please
  13. Hi megan is it normal or bug? Spear market dont give me rank 5 arcane after buy
  14. Hmmm is bug or DE like pressing DEL button? What get back arsenal to menu for fast change? In equipent is now missing ARSENAL
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