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  1. I like how this was addressed. It's not saying we're removing the issue, your welcome to keep doing it. But, just don't expect a landslide of drops anymore. More developers need to be like this.
  2. Also got that email. If I don't get a code for "something" with this shirt I'm going to be very upset. ONE YEAR!! 👿
  3. Contacted them recently. Got a reply within 2 days stating that their sorry for the delay and they should be shipping "soon." Well seeing as they've said that the past 3 times i've asked them, my patience and trust with the Warframe Store is running thin at the moment.
  4. Well I'm now one week away from the aniversary of ordering my shirt. WTF.
  5. Can we have Atlas looked at after Vauban for a rework? Some of his abilities really aren't up to scratch anymore.
  6. Hey, that Syandana is sexy. It's got cloth physics as well.
  7. Does the Tekko Prime have any special melee gimmick? If not I don't see the reason why Atlas Prime got such a poor buff for his stats. +25 Armor, really DE?!
  8. Well if the plat is removed via Charge-back then most likely the account associated with the Charge-back would be banned. It's standard practice in the gaming industry these days.
  9. Ah ok, I misunderstood your comment. Isn't Mesa already like this with her Waltz?
  10. I approve this message, by my right as founder.
  11. Well put, I admit some of my love for the frame and my imagination running overboard has swayed my opinion, but what I'm understanding is that you would like to see what's best physically for Atlas, not what could be best with the community and it's interactions with Atlas. For example, your idea of a rumble dome, although interesting, would be a bit of an eyesore to other players. Remember how people complained (and still complain) about Frost's snow globe taking up too much room and impeeding other players? Well I'm sure that would also get picked as annoying by others. The fact of the matter is, the ability needs to be synergistic to the frame in question without hindering both itself and others, and if it's an augment, provide some form of different playstyle which gives trade-offs that are equal or greater than the demerits it applies. Otherwise, from what your saying, it sounds as if Atlas's Rumblers were a bit more aggressive you would be fairly happy with the ability. In terms of Rumbled, Ive played a lot of games which have abilities that provide negatives with beneficial positives. So for example, if Atlas uses Rumbled as it is, (not being able to parkour, use guns, etc) he should gain positive effects that would outweigh this detriment. Examples being heavily increased armor, access to an area CC, access to a ranged AoE, immunity to CC, the list could go on.
  12. Shrapnel Wall, I love it!
  13. I like the slamming the ground idea, but what if it functioned like Ember's Incinerate? Slam the ground creating protruding rock Spears that deal damage to enemies and also ragdoll within a set radius? You could even go as far as removing enemy armor. Edit: if anyone here has played Wizard of Legend the spell Terra Ring comes to mind ("Pulverize the ground to summon cascading rings of earth spikes!")
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