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  1. But anyone can get them currently. Its just up to RNGesus whether or not you get it.
  2. Well why not? I mean obviously not for MR8 but I'd consider MR21+ to be something, or even MR27. It gives a meaning for people to gain mastery other than a number next to your name. (Excluding slots and standing)
  3. This guy gets it.
  4. I find that DE's decision to make a majority of ephemera a 2-5% drop chance from sources that are tedious to farm in the first place a general slap in the face to not only the players, but the people who designed them in the first place. What's the point of having an effect you designed in game if a majority of players can't see or enjoy using it? I'd be much happier having a higher drop chance or a better way of obtaining them, (tradeable "rip my wallet" , achievement based, etc) as I guarantee only a small percentage of the playerbase has one in the first place. Granted I can understand unique ones such as the Stalkers smoke effect being difficult to obtain but generic elemental effects (lightning, ice, fire, etc) should be much more common. Edit: Sorry for not making it clearer earlier but what I'm trying to portray is a set reward point for obtaining them. It's the RNG element that's bothering me, which simply brings the reward value down to how "lucky" you are vs actual game skill. If DE could tie them into set Achievements it would give a fixed goal to strive for vs the mental dilemma of "will I get it this time?" outcome. Achievements like back in the day where people would run 100+ waves of ODD just to see who could last the longest. You know stuff you can strive for not guess at.
  5. Only dislike his passive not being the new shininess and the fact his rumblers now look anorexic. Seriously, his original skin had them look like big intimidating golems now they're skinny rock twig things and not very impossing at all. At least add an extra rock to fill in the massive space they got in their chest cavity.
  6. Yeah, only his 4 got it. I would have appreciated his 2 getting it, or at least his passive as it really clashes with the fasion aspect.
  7. I feel like DE messed up a bit on the color options for the skin. The model is amazing but having the marbling in his main body tied to another major segment is really annoying and makes coloring him an absolute nightmare where few combinations work well. They should have tied the marbling and cloth colors to his accent tab, made the gems in his body based of energy color, made his main body his primary with his helmet and hands as the secondary, and Tertiary should be his gauntlets and any remaining secondary metals.
  8. It's going on my Frost Prime. He's my main and can benefit from all 3 mods with my current build.
  9. So since we have 2 energy colors now, would that mean we could combine them to make additional effects for chroma? I don't think its possible at the moment but it would make Chroma very interesting to play seeing as he would have access to all of Warframes elemental damage types.
  10. So as of late I've found it increasingly difficult to pull off the Tatsu's Reaping Grain chain of (Melee, Melee, pause, Melee, etc.) I used to be able to pull this off on the fly with no issues when it first came out and thought it was the coolest animation, with the flourish at the end of the pause attack. But now the window to pause your attack seems to be incredibly small and in the Simulacrum i wasn't able to consistently pull it off. There is now very little window to pause your attack without the game thinking your either ending your attack chain or going into a continuous click fest. Is this something anyone else has run into?
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I was wondering if there was any news regarding the Vitruvian t-shirt design that some of us pre-ordered back in Nov. The site said it's "expected" to ship late March 2019 and seeing as we're at that point I figured I would bring up the topic. In terms of delivery, will we receive an email saying when it's shipped? I'd like to be aware if it has so I can expect a package between a certain date, etc.
  12. Only thing I miss is the wall running and vaulting animations when you go over low walls. At least one of those is being worked on.
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