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  1. Passive (Amalgam): Warframe collects parts of slain enemies and adds them to itself, parts collected change based off enemy killed. (Grineer= increased Armor, Corpus = increased shields, Infested = health regeneration, Sentients = damage resistance) Ability 1 (Shatter): Warframe breaks itself apart into spearlike projectiles and flings them at enemies. Damage changes based upon absorbed parts from passive ability. (Ability also decreases passive buff when used but gains increased damage the higher the passive buff is.) Ability 2 (Dismantle): Warframe “falls to pieces” creating a pile of scrap on the floor which enemies ignore and slows enemy movement. Activating the ability a second time creates a “bear trap” effect damaging all enemies within the abilities radius and adds to the warframe’s passive. (Damage dealt is also affected by the warframe’s passive) Ability 3: (Enhance): Warframe attaches parts of itself to nearby allies, enhancing them base off the currently active passive effect. (Higher passive bonus = greater bonus given; Armor, shields, health regen, damage resistance) Ability 4: (Ex Machina): Warframe becomes a sentient cloud of parts gaining increased damage reduction, enhanced movement, and damage output. Enemies inside this cloud take constant damage from various parts dealing slash, impact, and puncture damage types as well as increasing the warframes passive as parts of themselves are stripped away, adding to the Warframe itself. While allies inside the cloud benefit from increased damage absorption/deflection. Warframe name: Deus (pronounced: ˌdāəs)
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