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  1. I'm guessing Lavos is ready but they will put him in the queen pin system which is not ready. List a theory though.
  2. Well said. I love DE and being irritated at something is part of what forums are for.
  3. Oh I know i want that as a ringtone so bad. The new corpus sounds and art style makes me want to listen to retrowave and play.
  4. I love the sound team. The sounds the weapons makes are crunchy and really make you feel like rounds are wizzing by the ambience is some of the most awesome ive ever heard and I love hearing a bit more about them everytime they are on stream......having said that Lavos man. Release a trailer let us know what he does if nothing else is he still coming this year did you force him into the next rail jack whats going on. Not complaining just a little flustered. MAX respect to de
  5. Will we actually get information on Lavos? Is he even coming this year?
  6. I just wanna know when your friend and mine Lavos will be showcased and released.
  7. Do we know when the next dev stream will be. Really want to know more about Lavos.
  8. Is there anything happening today for the trick or treat drops
  9. Damn straight. Nothing clears the sinuses like chemical warfare.
  10. Any possibility of learning more on Lavos's abilities and maybe an alt helm?
  11. Would it be possible to place a toggle on the arsenal to select which 3 forms you want to do non mission activities with.
  12. Im noew to forums and stuff. Is there anyway to suggest that option. Im no programmer but it seems that it wouldnt be that hard to make it a toggle on your arsenal.
  13. I just mean in between missions. id be fine using the arsenal to pick which one your default is as well as ur walking around form.
  14. Is there a way to choose day or night for non combat related activities. Seems a bit odd to just have the in between when that is only 1/3 of the fashion frame potential.
  15. Please give us some information on the alchemist frame. Thank you for working as hard as you do.
  16. Anyway we might see the alchemist frame. Really excited to use his tentacles.
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