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  1. I finally got it working again. I went into OPTIONS and chose the square button for DEFAULTS. I thought maybe I had accidentally changed the values for Networks Ports [UDP] by accident... I had not but whatever it was it got corrected after I reverted everything back to Default settings.
  2. The Hotfix did not completely fix the issue. You might be able to run multiple bounties and the pod spawns not glitch, but that is most definitely not the case every time. The vast majority of crews are still extracting back into Cetus after every single run because of this.
  3. So I have done more testing by changing frames, weapons, archwings, gear wheel, and other things to try and remedy the problem with no success. I have uploaded two videos showing the problem... one highlighting how I constantly disconnect from groups in Hydron and another showing instances changing while I am in Cetus. Hydron video: Cetus video:
  4. Interesting. So we are experiencing slightly different problems because I can't stay in any group because they constantly get kicked.
  5. What happens when you are host? Do other new players join and stay with you for the remainder of the mission after your group gets kicked? Or does the new group get kicked also? Or do you just remain solo? When I went to Hydron to test it I ended up as the host after getting host migrated, and during the first 5 waves of the mission I constantly would have 3 new players join and load in for a few seconds before getting kicked and then being replaced with 3 other new players. They would load all the way in for only a few seconds then all of them would instantly host migrate at the same time, and another 3 players would load in then host migrate. It did that over and over during the 5 waves.
  6. So I decided to test it again today and same thing as yesterday. I noticed something else I forgot to mention yesterday... when I run Plague Star in public matchmaking and get joined with a group as the client there is no mission bounty after I host migrate in the gate and then finally enter the Plains as the host. It's as if I just entered Free Roam in solo. Another odd thing is if I go to the little hut and try to start a bounty from inside the Plains I can't even access the bounties. The square button prompt is there... it simply does nothing when I try to click on it.
  7. I should clarify that I can solo just fine. So I'm just not sure what is going on... I soled a few Plague Star runs today and did some 30 plus minute solo farms, so I can't be switching instances right? I changed Region and went to Cetus to see if that would make a difference... but the same thing is still happening.
  8. Just noticed the Relay chat in Cetus resets every time one group of players blinks out of existence and is replaced with a different group... I'm getting switched between instances, or something similar is going on because I asked a few friends to invite me and we always got disbanded even though we were just hanging out in our orbiters.
  9. I just noticed something very odd. I was in the Earth relay when every other player blinked out of existence and then a few seconds later a new collection of players started loading in all together. So I went to Cetus to check and the same thing happened... about once every minute every single player blinks out of existence all at the same time and then is replaced with another group of players a few seconds later. Sometimes the group of players is the same, but sometimes they are a completely different group. Am I somehow getting switched between instances???
  10. I have been playing Warframe for years now and never had this happen before. It started today as I was trying to join recruited groups to run Plague Star... I would receive the invite, join group, go to Cetus, start the mission, and would then always host migrate while inside the gate as the mission was loading. So I decided to go to Hydron in public matchmaking to see what happened and the same thing occurred again... I would host migrate during the loading screen. Once the mission started after the host migration and I was the host, then as other new players joined they would load all the way in and start killing enemies only to be kicked a few seconds after loading. It happened every single time. Anybody have a solution?
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