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  1. Even though the run was only about 35-40 minutes, I could understand, new update drops, things are buggy, sh*t happens. What I don't understand is support doubling down on (though it's most likely an automated response) on a mistake on their end. It's kind of discouraging when you play a new shiny mission to get the highest tier reward and then be accused of being "suspicious".
  2. Hello! Decided to put this thread in General since I don't really know where it belongs. After doing the Hostile Mergers - Endurance operation yesterday and extracting with (if I remember correctly) 4031 points, I received an in-game message that a recent mission that I've completed had abnormal results. At the same time I learned that you now need 2FA to trade so I went ahead and enabled that. Logged back in to the game and received my ephemera but I still can't trade. I figured it's the Repair Kit mod that drops from the cleaning drones, since it's not the codes / can't be upgraded, but that was allegedly fixed with 25.0.1. I contacted support about it but received the following message: I was excited to get the Nyx deluxe and a roomba or two but now I'm left with not much to do for 2 weeks. Did anyone else face a similar issue? Edit: Might be worth noting that I'm a Linux player, playing on Steam via proton, though I've never had any trouble like this in the past.
  3. Yes, there is a big difference between difficulty and a gear check. (The wolf is definitely the latter, he doesn't do any significant damage so all you need is a rad weapon and patience. In the OP I was trying to describe something more akin to an MMO boss, which would fit warframe well IMO.
  4. It's not about just getting the sledge, it's an eh weapon to be honest. To me it's just sad that so much character development will be reduced to just a beacon boss that everyone will forget about in a few months. Also an opportunity to satisfy the endgame itch a lot of people have.
  5. While the wolf is annoying to fight in starchart missions, I liked his introduction and, honestly, being just a bullet sponge doesn't do him justice. I'd personally like to see the wolf with his own node as a full blown, lvl 100+ bossfight with multiple phases. Perhaps with wolf sledge + components blueprint and wolf of saturn six cosmetics from nightwave on the drop table? What are your thoughts on this?
  6. Was hoping for Fierce Khora, but eh, maybe next round.
  7. Steam finished downloading a huge update half an hour ago, but it's not letting me log in, saying there is an updated version available and to run the launcher again, anyone having similar issues?
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