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  1. 30% of a time fighting a Lich is spend in typing /unstuck, cause it threw you half way inside a wall or a door. Other 30% of a time is spent in waiting to type /unstuck, cause it threw you half way into a wall or a door again. Just saying. Might kinda wanna fix that one...cause it's more annoying than the multilayered grind itself.

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  2. Cool update.
    After doing a new boss fight, and new mission, I wonder...how did Tenno manage to defeat the Sentient in the old war, when literally almost any Tom, $&*^ and Harry can shut their powers down? I mean, Orokin could have simply throw Corpus at Sentient with pretty much greater success AND not get slaughtered by emo kids in the end.
    I know it's a game mechanic, but damn, there's gotta be a better way, cause this is just sad.

    PS. Glad to see the filter censor a nickname for Richard 😄

  3. 1. You've fixed nothing. Majority of bounties are bugged, but at this point that's a feature.
    2. Combine Bounty reward list with Incursion reward list so we don't need to run out every 5 minutes. It really diminishes the feel of "open world".
    3. Put some goddamn life on those planes.

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  4. No other thing in my 3 years of play was as bad as this patch.

    You managed to make Archwing worse then before, and that was a remarkable feat (I actually really like Archwing)

    Third of the stuff you made makes no sense what so ever and it's utterly different from the general idea said in Devstreaams. Third is broken and simply doesn't work as it should. Third was utterly unnecessary and pointless. I feel like you were fixing lots of things that weren't broken, and, well, you broke them. 

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  5. I wonder why they focus on irrelevant nerfs/ minor buffs, while there are Frames in dire need of tweaking? Is DE itself under RNG rule? What's next hotfix? Adding more utterly useless crap to Liset? Maybe doing Launcher 2.0? How about new desktop icon for Warframe? 

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  6. Is the main point of this movement overhaul to make us move like on Relay stations? Can't say I like how WF is slowing down more and more. Don't feel like ninja at all, more like heavily armoured soldier...that bunny hops on walls now.

  7. How about fixing collision in space? Or enemies getting stuck inside asteroids? Or players getting stuck in random ship parts? Or enemies capturing interception points without actually being there (well fair enough, they might be stuck inside an asteroid)?

  8. Name Suggestion: Infested polyp


    Appearance: Amorphous infestation growth, somewhat resembling a barnacle, but without a hardened shell. Soft inner limb, much like bloodworm mouth, extends and retract in irregular pulses, unless agitated.   


    Behaviour: Generally being a polyp/ barnacle, so immobile. Found in larger groups. When a foreign entity comes to its vicinity the inner limb springs forth and emits a pulse (electrical/ poison/ viral/ corrosive) toward the intruder. Infestation flora with a purpose. A mine field. On death they release a spore cloud that in turn generates more infestation.


    Environmental Restrictions: None. Ideally, first thing the infested spores do is spawn a bunch of environmental conditions, converting everything into infestation. These guys grow soon after. Floors, walls and celeings.  


    Optional Art:


  9. Yeah, I was totaly bored with my 5 Formad Synapse. Like I was bored with Brakk. I hear that people with Strun Wrath are still going strong though. Please add more utery useless and non fun weapons, like whips or maybe a cat launcher. There's always room for another insanely unimaginative Prime version of a Frame, those are always nice.

    Was fun while it lasted. Good show.

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