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  1. There is still the major bug that plagued mine and many other pcs from update 25: the screen suddenly freezes for apparently no reasons and that's it. The game still progresses and you can hear the game going on, but your screen is stuck. This happens with high frequency on Fortuna and Jupiter. Still it happens everywhere and anytime. There is no particular trigger, it happened also when I was exiting from a mission and the results screen was displayed. There was this thread to speak of this problem, but no solution was ever presented. I hope that in this update 26 it can be solved. I can't take anymore to lose 30 minutes of progress for this bug.
  2. Screen freezed again as of latest hotfix. I finally managed to complete the event, seems like jumping was a trigger to freeze the screen, but then it happened again in a syndacate mission while I was crouching all the time...
  3. Update on this issue: the problem still persists, but I managed to make the third event mission. It isn't something that is trigged by an action or an element of my equipment, it happens and that's it. It happened frequently on the new maps, but it still happened while I made a syndacate mission during the end mission results screen. Over than that, it seems like jumping in the new area may be a trigger, specially near the conducts of the new mission mode. Today the scree freezed three times, once in the third event mission, once on the fourth one, once during that result screen. Also while playing with a single friend yesterday it took just two minutes for this problem to show. Another note: currently the game is running while the screen is fixed on my frame entering the ship at the end of the mission. I can hear the sound of the loading screen, but it doesn't progress from there. My connection is stable so it can't be stuck due to the poor connection. Also the use of the RAM of the game dropped drastically. I forgot to say in the last post, I run a windows 10. Please help.
  4. Since the latest hotfix, the screen constantly freezes. This happened a few times in the last hours, but it went crazy in the last one. When I play on Ganymede, the game freezes the picture. That means that the game is still going, I can hear the sound of my actions and of the enemies around me, but the screen is fixed. It usually stops on a frame, move to the next a second later and then stops working. This happens also in the 3° mission of the Event, constantly in the room with the third and fourth conduct. It also freezed into random missions a couple of times, but I can't say that for sure since I played in different missions than those only for six daily standing missions. Never had issues like this before.
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