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  1. For me $135 was too much to keep tied up any longer. I figure it like this, they are making the statues based on who pre-ordered. Every statue made for someone who cancels will be surplus and not shipped. So I figure if they ever manage to make them, the ones sitting around because people cancelled will end up in the store. So I don't see my cancelling and getting my money back as 100% guarantee I won't be able to get one. I figure we're going to see the ones made and not shipped for sale if they ever manage to actually finish making them.
  2. But this is a free to play game, and some of the things they sell to keep the game running are prime vault and prime access, both of which let people spend real money for prime frames. When you buy a frame through either MR doesn't matter. So increasing MR to build prime frames still wouldn't completely stop new folks from getting prime frames, and no way is DE going to stop selling prime access and prime vault.
  3. I submitted my request on a Thursday night, had a response before lunch on Friday morning.
  4. Just got a response back from my support ticket where I asked for a tracking number for my shipped package or for my money to be refunded. The the reply was that my order was now cancelled and I’d have the money back on my card in a few days. So clearly the part about the rest of the statues would be shipped first part of August had not and was not going to happen. Lesson learned, I’ll never participate in a DE preorder again, but at least I’m getting my money back. Wonder how many folks have already / will be cancelling their orders as well.
  5. Just asked for my money back via a store support ticket. They can keep their statue at this point. Hellen Keller and Stevie Wonder working by themselves could have fulfilled this order faster than the yahoos doing this are able to.
  6. Well, it’s early August and I still have squat. Never ordering anything from these people again - ridiculous. Watch - next we’ll get another email that orders are delayed until October 🙄
  7. I ordered my statue on 08 NOV 18. I STILL do not have it.
  8. I got an email from them today......
  9. I pre-ordered the Excalibur Umbra statue and received an email on 04 APR that it would ship mid June. Haven't gotten any more information on it.
  10. I received the in box message saying that I got the Ducats, but I actually received NO ducats.
  11. You can actually leave computers running 24/7/365 no problem. So long as you shut them down periodically to clean out the inside (get dust off the heat sinks, fans, etc.). In fact in the '90's, before they improved the solder used on main boards, you were encouraged to leave your computers running as the heating / cooling of turning them on and off would cause the solder to expand / contract enough to eventually crack and cause shorts on the board. But that isn't an issue either. These days you can turn them off / on or leave them running. There's no preference as far as the computer goes just your electric bill preferences, lol. That said - I didn't get a drop last night either. This is the first Twitch drop I didn't get, I've gotten all the others.
  12. You do a lot of hard work, many thanks for all you've already done. Would you be able to do Take You Down starting at 1:56 ? https://youtu.be/462_w4cJnuw?t=115
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