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  1. There's this bug regarding focus farming. After the 40/45 seconds are done, it says I got 14 000 focus, after I got the focus "bubble" like 4 times with around the same focus points per "bubble", in mission results it says I only got like 12 000 focus in total. And after the mission ended it's still much less than what was said after each 40/45 seconds. pls fix. fanks
  2. Still no fix for Necramechs not being able to pickup health orbs. Also Frost is horribly outdated from the rest of the frames, I just want my boy to be as useful or even more useful in these SP missions. Pls DE. Do the right thing :)
  3. Thank you. But for some reason, we cant kill those mf nullifiers with our exalted mech weapon. It really seems like you're trolling us xD
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