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  1. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    It looks pretty good! A little spindly, so it shows the resolution issues a bit, but clean and unique.
  2. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    If you turn off the green channel, you will only have black and shades of red, blue, and purple. That's how additive color works. PNG is a four channel format, as is DE's texture format ingame. Standard images use RGBA, meaning that they have three colors and an alpha (transparency) channel. Interestingly, most objects in the game don't use RGBA, they use MARC. They store metallic, albedo, roughness, and color masks (which allow you to color items) as four channels on a single texture.
  3. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    Green is a color. Computer graphics use three colors to make everything they display: Red, Green, and Blue. Without green, all you can make is black, red, blue, and various purples. To get anything in the gray scale, or any other color besides purple, you need green. That money picture I posted? It had green. I applied the luminosity from the original to the de-greened image so that it would look better while still getting the point across. The landscape shows what color range is actually available without green.
  4. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    If you disable the GREEN channel you won't have any GREEN. How will you pay your bills then? Huh?
  5. It has a unique model. No part of it is reused from the Sybaris.
  6. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    The slight transparency of the wings might cause them to flare out. I'm not totally sure since the rendering change a while back. If it is bad you can send Support a modified version to replace it with for free. I do see one design issue though. You cropped the very edge of the glow on the right wing. This is causing it to end in a hard line. If you are able to, try making the canvas slightly larger before scaling it down to emblem size or reduce the size of the glow.
  7. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    The thread isn't dead, but your images are.
  8. egregiousRac

    Nov 29: This week in Warframe (PC)!

    The problem with her skin being a passion project is that the artist working on it is always assigned to other things.
  9. egregiousRac

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.3

    This skin is shown in promos as a dual pistol skin.
  10. egregiousRac

    The (not so) Brilliant Shard Breakdown: Endo/Etc!

    I have two friends that are as well. How have they not just reversed all bans in that timeframe already?
  11. egregiousRac

    The (not so) Brilliant Shard Breakdown: Endo/Etc!

    People are still banned and have missed a good chunk of a Baro with two new items. How many players are they going to lose since all standard forms of contact to say "Hey! I'm still banned!" are locked off? Relatedly, why is Support blocked for people that are banned? That is absurd given how jumpy your autoban system is.
  12. egregiousRac

    Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    If you look, the damage falloff in most cases takes it down to a similar damage to before. This is basically massive buffs at close range for already powerful weapons while leaving the damage about the same at long distances.
  13. egregiousRac

    [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale.

    An update on this, mine look fairly transparent in many bright environments post-change. I don't have screenshots, but it likely applies to all emblems.
  14. egregiousRac

    4K UI Support: Part 2

    The issue is not that the resolution is lower than it was before, it's that it isn't higher than it was before. They are rendering everything to the same size canvas, but scaling it up afterwards. This gives the appearance of low res assets even though they are the same resolution as before because they are now displayed larger. I have always felt that the UI was excessively large at 1600x900. It was slightly too big at 1920x1080 and about right at 2560x1440. Once it got to 3840x2160 it was too small. Now, it is too big on all of them and looks like garbage on all of them as well.