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  1. Per personal kill. It does the opposite, it promotes stealing kills.
  2. Volt doesn't have cloth physics at all. What you call 'taffy' is just a static part of his model that flexes with the generic animation rig. How they haven't updated it to add physics is beyond me since it has to be far easier than some of the other updates they have done, such as Frost. As for your TL;DR, different people have different skill sets. The majority of the time involved in creating a weapon, for example, is in concept, modeling, and texturing with a dash of audio and design. A cinematic quest involves mostly mapping, lighting, writing and audio, which barely overlaps with the weapons. Complicated things like King-Pin are almost entirely design and programming, which has essentially no overlap with the prior two items.
  3. It looks pretty good! A little spindly, so it shows the resolution issues a bit, but clean and unique.
  4. If you turn off the green channel, you will only have black and shades of red, blue, and purple. That's how additive color works. PNG is a four channel format, as is DE's texture format ingame. Standard images use RGBA, meaning that they have three colors and an alpha (transparency) channel. Interestingly, most objects in the game don't use RGBA, they use MARC. They store metallic, albedo, roughness, and color masks (which allow you to color items) as four channels on a single texture.
  5. Green is a color. Computer graphics use three colors to make everything they display: Red, Green, and Blue. Without green, all you can make is black, red, blue, and various purples. To get anything in the gray scale, or any other color besides purple, you need green. That money picture I posted? It had green. I applied the luminosity from the original to the de-greened image so that it would look better while still getting the point across. The landscape shows what color range is actually available without green.
  6. If you disable the GREEN channel you won't have any GREEN. How will you pay your bills then? Huh?
  7. It has a unique model. No part of it is reused from the Sybaris.
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