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    Ability in use bug

    Since the recent update i have had a lot of issues with this bug that has made it absolutely impossible to do eidolon hunts. It seems to happen mostly when i try to go into operator mode, but my warframe dies at almost the same time. I get revived and i am unable to use any abilities, go into operator mode, or even use any of my items. The only way i have found to correct this bug is to die. I cant even manually hold X to revive when i go down. My teammates have to wait for me to bleed out then i can revive myself. This has made keeping lures alive absolutely impossible and the group of friends that i play with has had to find a new trinity to take with them on tricaps. This has happened to me on every eidolon tricap that I have tried since the chroma prime release and for the time being I've given up on eidolon hunting. Please fix this bug. It is game breaking and is very very frustrating when I'm the only person in a group that has the ability to heal lures, but can't due to a bug and everyone fails as a result. I have done some research and it appears this bug has been occuring, at least in PC, for a long time. This is the first I've had this problem on Xbox though and it seems to be here to stay.