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  1. So during endless fissure missions we now have the ability to upgrade relics between rounds (which is awesome thanks πŸ˜„) the problem is your max void trace count doesn't update between rounds for example : I start round 1 of the fissure mission with 100 traces in the bank , i crack open the first relic and it gives me 23 traces . the round ends and at the relic choice screen in the top right my void traces still sit at 100 instead of 123 . And thats that :3 thanks for reading
  2. Same goes for me , was excited to hit MR27 today but alas mastery is missing now :(
  3. This was an expensive Syandana and it needs fixing . this is bs
  4. Like for reals , take the bunny ears whenever you want but leave the easter egg ephemera Please 😞
  5. ive noticed this too , Syndana wont open when bullet jumping anymore and is completely closed in your orbiter/foruna/cetus whereas in the past is would be open , please fix - this i quite a costly syndana
  6. I got a pretty stacked plague kripath riven roll , i would love the chance to try it someday , hopefully soon πŸ˜•
  7. OnzaFTW

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted , but she now has ordice's voice and is only equipped with one line "do you remember the old war operator, ordis seems to have misplaced those memories" I wish Onko took off his mask so i could see his face .
  8. OnzaFTW

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted on the condition that you have to have been born in the year 1977 to even be allowed to eat it I wish my bank accounts balance was $999 99 999
  9. I dont understand why the starter pack isnt receiving a discount though ? This is a bummer , waited for this sale specifically to buy it
  10. +1 am also looking to buy that 50% discounted starter pack . Any news on that yet ?
  11. IGN: OnzaFTW Mastery Rank: 15 Country: South Africa Previous clan: PixelPub Discord availability : yes started playing : 2 months ago (384 hours playtime) Link to my steam profile:https://steamcommunity.com/id/onzaftw/ Why i want to join : One of your members is a friend of mine , also ive met another dude from your clan and he is pretty chill . Also i mean have you seen your clan - DOPE 😎 I believe im a very friendly and easy person to approach , i just like to chill out and have a good time and can get serious when the situation calls for it . I may have a way to go in WF but i believe im ready and willing to hit it hard , am absolutely in love with this game and look forward to what it holds in the future
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