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  1. So? Slap a heat mod on it. It will not m ix with the base radiation damage.
  2. You clearly haven't tried out the Phage or Phantasma then nor do you know where they were before the status changes. First before Viral stacking changes, Phage being able to stack Viral and corrosive was not a huge deal, nor was there any worth in heat. Status changes made Viral?corrosive/Heat stacking insanely power. Second, the way status worked for Phage was that it could proc a status per second per tentacle. The current Phage has 15.5% status chance per tentacle per x12 as it has a base fire rate of 12 rounds. Meaning if we do math, we have an effective status proc
  3. So the Phage has become a monster of a weapon since the shotgun status/multishot changes. While most shotguns didn't change much, except the Tigris line getting gutted to the ground. The Phgae and Phantasma have become probably among the highest DPS primaries in the game. Making beam shotguns probably the best primary arch type in the game. So we all know primaries don't come close to rival the DPS of melee. But Phage and Phantasma IMO are the closest to them. Phage with stacking 10 viral procs, 10 corrosive procs, and 50 heat procs in a second. And Phantasma stacking 200 heat proc
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