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  1. Komorex bug is still not fixed, basically it's a bug that happens when you aimglide melee attack when you are scoped on the komorex and you'll only be able to fire once and then got stuck on the gun for sometime.
  2. From what I can see so far, the bug occurs when I do several aimglide melee attack when zooming the gun. when I do a 1x aimglide melee attack, the shot from the 3.5x zoom which is the aoe one will work on no zoom, 2.0x, and 3.5x zoom until an unknown duration of time has passed, the aoe range is increased and the firerate is reduced. The more you do the aimglide melee, the higher aoe range and the lesser firerate you'll get, then you'll be stuck in a point where you can't shoot, reload, or switch weapon until that unknown "cooldown" is out.
  3. 3 hours ago I logged in just fine, but now for some reasons it's now filled with "login failed, check your info", no idea why.
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