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  1. Forma is a cash cow. They are more likely to remove forma sources than ever add them. The only reason they added them to relics is because most players weren't even engaging with the forma system and they knew if they gave out free samples it would get people hooked enough to start buying them because once you go forma you need hundreds of them to ever be satisfied.
  2. They could make them so that they actually make unpopular weapons viable and fun instead of making meta weapons even more powerful in order to drive plat sales as people attempt to engage with the ridiculous riven market that DE does everything in their power to foster.
  3. They could rework Limbo out of the game. And get rid of Nekros four. I'm fine if he just doesn't have a fourth ability, as long as that thing is gone.
  4. I would rather they continue to use subtle ways to get people to spend money than remove them and start using more overt ways. I do think you should be able to hide weapons you have already mastered because realistically you are never going to want those.
  5. DE has such good PR. When EA or Activision lie to your face by telling you what you want to hear everyone goes, "They are clearly lying". So when they do the opposite of what they said or fail to deliver nobody is surprised. But because DE makes an hour long video every few months where they are charismatic everyone just eats their garbage three meals a day.
  6. I've only spent money on cosmetics twice, once for Rhino way back in the day and once for Titania.
  7. I wish they would extend it just so we could forgo the daily post every time some new person hits 60.
  8. I used to love the Latron. Then they had the Latron Prime then the Latron Vandal and then my Latron crafted in to a Tiberon and then the Tirberon prime is my most used weapon today. I haven't used Volt since the prime came out in 2015 and it is still my most used frame.
  9. It is weird that people are treating these mods like a grind you have to complete. They are rewards you get for playing the game for a long time, you get them naturally if you play the game. Since they are unnecessary, minor upgrades to existing mods it makes sense.
  10. After playing on and off for seven years I thought I was finally going to get my final weapon last week but it was my 600th login and I got one of the stupid mods instead. Now I have to wait another two years to get to 700. Shred and Sure-Footed are more or less the furthest thing from necessary. Hell, with Berserker a lot of build don't even bother with Fury.
  11. I don't think they really care about Nightwave or consider it a core part of the game. It was just a way for them to turn alerts in to something people engage with. In between projects they will get around to it and it will continue to limp along as one of dozens of systems they tossed in to the ether in an attempt to keep people playing.
  12. I say we get rid of Desecrate and replace it with dancing skeletons.
  13. My point is that Mirage does more damage for longer with less upkeep. Saryn isn't actually AFK killing, you have to maintain your meter and keep the spores rolling while Mirage presses one button every minute or so.
  14. No thanks. I don't have to spend 1000 plat worth of forma on more trash.
  15. I'm glad that everyone hates Saryn, as long as they are distracted I will continue to nuke everything easier and harder with Mirage. Even if they do nerf Saryn the fun police will likely come for Volt and Equinox next.
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