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  1. As i understand it the only available methods to heal one's Necramech should be through the Mod Necramech repair and through Bone Window's 1st ability. When I was playing the Orphix Venom event instead of summoning my Necramech as i intended, I accidentally summoned an Ancient sanguine eximus specter who would heal my mech throughout the mission. I assume this is not intended?
  2. Hey, this is my first post ever. So i was messing around with the Helminth System and putting Forma on my Volt to update the build accordingly. On the process of ranking my Volt up again to 30 i noticed that the mod configurations slots on my Volt that had subsumed habilities DID reset their modding capacity, but the mods were NOT removed. On the top left corner it reads "CAPACITY -12/56" It is worth mentioning that these mod configurations with subsumed habilities were slots 4 and 5, extra slots that i had bought for my Volt to accomodate for the new helminth builds, I don't know i
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