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  1. Thanks DE! can't wait to try Mesa!! Also, could we get miltiple rewards on little duck's mission, like we usually do with the contracts on Cetus or Fortuna? I really wanna Try those Helminth mods!
  2. Second Post One of the Corpus/Orokin Fly Drones is bugged and are now taking the same behavior as arbitration drones making enemies inmmune to damage from skills, enemies still are affected by non-damagin skills like Khora's dome or Nidus' Larva and can still take damage from weapons
  3. Thanks DE! BTW I don't know if this is a bug on Nidus but Larva doesn't seem to pull enemies as reliably as it used to, enemies get stuck on walls and other objects very easily, is this intended? Also, Nidus' Virulence seems to have a delay whenever one tries to use it after Larva, this is particularly noticible when gaining mutation stacks, it reminds me of the delay Garuda had on her Dread Mirror after using Seeking Talons cheers!
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