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  1. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    Perhaps it’s good to remind that the hp heal of rejuvenation + coaction applies to all 4 members Just look how fast they all heal!
  2. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    Monkey senpai no means no
  3. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    Some do think there’s only 2 viable auras? Keep this topic going then, we need to spread the word on open ended aura possibilities
  4. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    Don’t show off limitations when this game offers so much customizations There’s sprint aura for farming or maxing out sprint speed, sniper aura for hunting or to pair with the headshot mod, rejuvenation aura for support and sustain, steel charge for... The tragedy is missing out on great synergy opportunities because you prefer only a few auras, or won’t forma for it
  5. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    Some of us keep changing builds/auras as we play along, so a stagnant maxed out build is not really for everyone. A blank aura slot allows for more build transitions. Isn’t customization the name of the game? And BTW, the suggestion is not for Rejuvenation alone, it’s grouped with Coaction Drift + 1 or 2 hp mods.
  6. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    As much as I like the setup, no one wants to use the same aura again and again That’s where a blank polarity comes in handy you see. When the player wants to keep changing aura types without using forma or losing capacity
  7. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    It’s more than those mods they were only used as an example This topic asks for a blank aura for frames to widen possibilities in building, and to make use of other auras that were prolly left out before because of their unpopular polarity.
  8. cheliel

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    How about Rejuvenation plus Coaction plus Vitality Yes that’s the idea A jack of all trade because right now some builds are limited by preset polarities,or some auras are just not being used because of those preset polarities
  9. Right now a Gara or Trinity is most probably equipping Rejuvenation aura to boosts their survivability even more. But they are the last ones to need it! I’d go and say every frame could use the adaptability of being able to equip Rejuvenation. So why not make blank aura the standard for all frames? For both new and experienced builders, this makes possibilities wider, right away, without the need to lose space or to forma. Having everyone capable of using all auras is a creative boost for players. That’s why I ask to reset all auras to blank- to let all the warframes’ potential be unlocked
  10. Not only does it allow for Rejuvenation + Coaction drift combo, a blank aura allows for any/all other possibilities! The Rejuvenation alone is already worth the forma, also using other unique auras like sniper and sprint. This is why a forma to blank aura is a must, it is the best polarity in terms of variety. I’d even suggest to DE to just let it be the standard aura for all frames
  11. cheliel

    Can someone summarize the Warframe comics

    thanks, with that explanation and the wiki summaries I’m set I get that Mitsuki got healed by merging with the ship but didn’t want to miss anything else. So the comic lore has 1 Ostron and 1 Solaris to take stories from each, good choice. I see where they’re going with Vor’s lore but the Tenno premonition confused me a bit
  12. The compiled version of the comic is out in bookshops now... Can someone pls *spoiler* and summarize what just happened? From what I know, Excal was beaten by Vor then Mag took over, but I don’t get the part with the blind girl and little Duck. Thanks!
  13. cheliel

    Free comics at iTunes Store

    If you have an apple phone, just type in Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman etc on search and click GET for some free titles. Yes the WF comic is there too
  14. cheliel

    Anthem melee class

    fine exalted blade(s) it is then
  15. cheliel

    Anthem melee class proof that we can compare WF and Anthem- an armor class with exalted blades. I can see the WF/Anthem comparison vids coming already