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  1. Why did the twitch drop event suck so much?
  2. Lol yeah I didnt think of the environmental impact of everyone wasting electricity idling in these streams 24 hours a day =P
  3. Good work guys we ended up being free bots to artifically inflate viewer numbers for DE just by giving us the tiny hint that we may get something decent without actually telling us that most viewers will never see the top 3 items that they actually wanted.
  4. Seems done doesnt say drops enabled anymore.
  5. They are there but set low enough that basically no one can get it. Betting its something silly like 0.001% So even if you watched 24 hours a day for the entire event you wouldnt be guaranteed to get any of the top prizes.
  6. Another 24 hours of drops and still no warframes or the riven mod just non stop credits and junk like the fireworks
  7. Yeah it was working for PC players but somehow bugged for console players. They seem to have quietly fixed it after a few days. You havent missed out on much you get basically 90% credit drops which arent that useful when you can already farm millions of credits super easy in game.
  8. Amazed you got both as I am a similar number of drops and nothing yet.
  9. Will be interesting to see how much the viewer counts on these streamers falls once the artificial inflation of their numbers ends when people stop idling in there 24 hours a day for twitch drops =P
  10. Meh just discount plat thats what people really want =P
  11. Mine is working I have been running it 24 hours a day but all I am getting is joke drops like the 7500 credits constantly or some fireworks and a glyph thing =\ Can someone from DE post the actual odds of getting one of the warframes? Am I wasting my bandwidth and electricity watching these streams 24 hours a day?
  12. Very true I have been getting dropped while its muted and set to 160p resolution. You just need to have your accounts linked and actually be in the room watching the stream. You dont need to actively participate or type in chat or have it unmuted etc.
  13. Has anyone actually got one of the good drops? I got about 10 more 7500 credit boosters and that helmet blueprint...=\
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