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  1. My husband and I play Warframe all the time (because it's awesome, duh!), and so we have received all of the rewards from the previous Nightwave episodes. We noticed that the Nightwave Intermission gives players the opportunity to earn some of the rewards that they missed during previous episodes, which is totally great! However, we wanted to suggest that those items in the reward list for Nightwave Intermission which are not helpful to have a second time (e.g. Tenno costumes, Warframe Costumes, the Wolf emote, etc) instead turn into Nightwave credits for those that have already earned them before in a previous Nightwave episode. As it is, I don't believe there is any way to sell or otherwise use these items a second time, and so it would be great to receive some other reward for our efforts! Thanks for reading; loving all of the changes lately!
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