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  1. TYPE: In-Game, Railjack DESCRIPTION: While playing the mission at 'R-9 Cloud' in Railjack, I made my Titania a giant within the Railjack by exiting the Missle or Shipkiller platform in Razorwing with my Tenno, appearing in space seemingly still tiny, and then using the OmniTool to return to the ship as a giant. REPRODUCTION: (1) Select Titania as your Warframe. (2) Go on a railjack mission. (3) Go into a 'platform' (shipkiller, missile, etc). (4) Finish platform tasks (hacking/etc). (5) Use Titania's 4 (Razorwing). (6) Go to the green marked exit of the platform while in Razorwing. (7) At the exit, use 5 to switch into Tenno form, and click x to exit the platform. (8) If you are leaving via a DOOR from the Missle platform, you will appear in space seemingly still tiny. If you are leaving via an OPENING from the Shipkiller platform, everything will be black on your screen. It doesn't matter which for the next step. (9) Use the gearwheel to select the Omni tool, which will automatically transfer you back to the Railjack as a Giant. EXPECTED RESULT: The Omni tool should have returned me to the Railjack as a normal sized Warframe. OBSERVED RESULT: The Omni tool returned me to the Railjack as a giant Warframe. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, ever time I left a platform while in Razorwing using Tenno, and Omni'ed back to the ship. VISUAL:
  2. Omni-Tool Teleport Exit Breaks 'Kill Galleon Captain' Quest TYPE: In-Game, blocks progress DESCRIPTION: This occurred during a Railjack Mission: Flexa in the Veil Proxima. I was playing Volt. I killed the Pyr Captain on the Galleon, along with another team member, as required. The red marker left him, as expected, and then a green marker appeared leading me out of the Galleon. The other team member left the Galleon (I do not know if he used the exit or an Omni tool). However, instead, I ran a ways toward the exit but then used my Omni-tool to automatically teleport back to the ship. The whole team's quest progress still said to kill the Pyr Captain. There were no indicators telling us where to go from there, because the Captain was already dead. Another player went into and out of the Galleon, ensuring the captain was not there. Progress was still not fixed. Then, I went back into the Galleon, and ran all the way through it and left via the green indicated path (near where the Captain was). My exiting of the Galleon updated progress for the team, allowing us to win the mission and leave the area. So, my leaving with an Omni-Tool did not register as my having completed the "Kill Pyr Captain" part of the mission. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Do a mission requiring killing a Galleon Captain. Kill the captain. Leave the Galleon via Omni Tool instead of the indicated method. Notice that the quest does not update for the team, and mission success is impossible. EXPECTED RESULT: The mission should have updated, indicating that the captain was dead, once I killed him and left the Galleon via Omni Tool. OBSERVED RESULT: The mission did not update that the captain was dead, and we were stuck in the mission until I re-entered the Galleon and exited properly. REPRODUCTION RATE: I do not know, I have not tried to re-create.
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