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  1. How to say... I mean.... You know... Yeah, lets just go for a ykes
  2. I mean, its optimal to leech in any situation, why even bother playing when you can watch youtube and get the same results without any risk of ban or w/e. They ll just make it worse for the other players, but leeching is the way to go in warframe since a long time cause we are a "friendly" community. I guess this is how they answer the request of the 2 sides of the player base. The ones who want it to be easy and the others who want challenge.
  3. Yes it is. Especially when the game itself doesnt care about spoiler. Previous nightwave had operator cosmetic you can click on them and see whats going on, go in your foundry check the arcanes and you ll see everything about operator. Also its a reflex to use the operator, most of players ll do it whitout thinking and most players ll not even look at whos in the party. And like you said its old, it doesnt matter. Another spoiler for you, warframe lore is a joke.
  4. Endgame is seeking endgame.
  5. I aggree, farming for the new ephemeras is a pain. They ruined the fashion frame.
  6. Yep thats it, you found your answer. They just go for "fun" or more likely are trying to looks fun, even if it makes 0 sense and/or its actually a pain in the ass. There is no other thoughts, they just randomly put some things together, cut some corners and rush it. So no, the game is not designed for solo, but its not really designed for coop. Its just that the game is incredibely easy. Also yeah, mostly they arent really trying to make the game hard. In a game where lvl 300 is easy to clean, most of the content they release is below 50 and it never goes above 100... Your dark soulesque arbitration shows that perfectly its not even lvl 100 and they give you 300% boosts...
  7. So, in order to fight sentients we are going to retrieve an old ship and an old cephalon who were used during the old war. We are lucky sentients are unable to adapt or learn anything from their opponents. The galaxy is safe boys!
  8. Nice a survival, our favorite game mode, thank you so much
  9. Just few seasons and nightwave ll be worst than the old alert system. Keep going!
  10. I still dont understand this choice... It makes 0 sense...
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