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  1. Personally not a big deal to me, after all it's only cosmetic, those I can take or leave
  2. I get that, like I said it works for me, though I'm holding off playing till the reactor hotfix gets done
  3. @AldainA tactic i've adopted and seems to work for me is to fly your Railjack like a B-17 in a straight line but in reverse once you aggro the enemy fighters, what this does is 1) It keeps the fighters in front of you and any that do get passed can be taken care of by the gunners more accurately because your not moving side to side or chasing the fighters 2) It also lots of times forces the fighters to fly in a straight line at you giving you a better chance of hitting them and killing them and 3) it moves the fighters away from the healing bubbles from the crew ships because they can't keep up with the fighters.
  4. @[DESaske] And when will that hotfix take place?
  5. Question: Why was "The Division" style of loot system selected over our current system, the new system actually increases the amount of grind by a greater factor due to it being entirely based on RNG. The Division almost killed itself with this system until the Devs increased drop rates to a ridiculous amounts to bring back players? Question: Why wasn't the artillery slaved to the pilot in such a way as to switch between it and the nose guns with a keybind such as like primary weapon and melee weapon, this has the advantage of a pilot able to keep the crew ship target in sight as opposed to xing out of the pilot seat either racing to the artillery seat or using the command counsel only to realize the target has moved out of view?
  6. This whole differing stats on multiples of the same item loot system was a bad idea plain and simple
  7. This all would never have been a problem if they had not adopted The Division style of loot of multiples of the same item but with differing stats, makes for more grind and a lot of unhappy people, it almost destroyed The Division until they bumped the drop rates up enormously to ridiculous amounts and that somewhat stopped the flow of players leaving. Sure we have grind in Warframe, but at least you knew exactly what you were grinding for, with this type of system it's ALL about RNG you may end up getting 5 things of the same kind with garbage stats and never find that what is called the "GOD ROLL" IMHO I think they should scrap this system while Railjack is still in it's infancy.
  8. I said this before and i'll say it again this "The Division" style of multiples of the same item but with differing stats system is not Warframe. What it does is cause even more grind, and especially with such low chance of getting the item to begin with and then when you do get the item the stats end up being garbage, which requires you to grind away again in hopes of getting that item but with better stats.This type of system drove a lot of people away from The Division until they raised the drop chance so enormously high to make the only loot system they had work.
  9. IMHO The design of the usage of the artillery is poorly designed. The way it should have been designed is the artillery function should be slaved to the pilot by a simple keybind to switch between using the nose guns and using the artillery somewhat like going between primary weapon and melee. It's impractical to have anyone switch from any area to the artillery spot especially considering how often it is used. The other plus is you can pilot the ship and get a more accurate shot, instead of lining up the shot then switch to the artillery seat only to see the crew ship has moved out of view.
  10. I figured it out thanks for all your info:)
  11. ok then my next question is how do you upgrade the mod itself, when you do that in warframe you go to a separate screen and use endo, but i'm unaware of anything like that on Railjack oh and for the person who said you can't have more than three dots look at this video at point 3:16
  12. I get how that works but my original question is how do I go from 3 dots on my grid to more dots? Right now all my dots on my grid go to no more than three?
  13. I have a MK3 Sigma reactor and I have a bulkhead 10 but it's grid only has 3 dots??
  14. So it's the mod itself, not the reactor, that dictates how many dots are on the grid?
  15. In some of the videos I have watched I've noticed that many of them have a number of dots on their grids, up to about 6 I believe and I was wondering how did they get that many dots, is it the type of reactor or what?
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