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  1. They might as well remove that new Saryn mod because it is useless and is redundant and the only ones who will probably use it will be DE
  2. Usually when there is server maintenance that means a update is coming, or is it me just being hopeful lol?
  3. It keeps telling me there is a new update, but there isn't
  4. Logically I would imagine the powers would stem from the 4 warframes it was created from. The first power "Sonic Scream" when used blasts a cone of AOE damage, based on strength and range, the more range the wider the cone. The Second power, Bladed Wings, when this power is activated sentient energy wings sprout from the warframe and is able to levitate in place with limited lateral and forward and backward movement, and is able to fire bladed feathers, this power's duration is based on consumption of energy the higher duration modded the less consumption of energy, range also enhances how far the bladed feathers can shoot. The Third power Sentient Energy Field, like frost's globe absorbs damage but at a certain point blast out that damage but stays intact and begins absorbing damage again the fields duration depends on duration mods. The fourth power Armorall The body of the broken frame becomes ferrite armor, as a visual example like Doomsday in Superman, how long the armor last is based on strength mods.
  5. This is more a re-design suggestion, In all the time I have been playing my own Railjack I think only twice someone else has fired the big gun, which brings me to my suggestion. I believe it would be more practical to slave the big gun to the pilot in a way like how you can switch between primary and melee weapons. A lot of the times I have found by the time you get to the big gun you get less time to target the Crew ship, even more so if there are multiple Crew ships. It just seems to make more sense to just let the pilot shoot the big gun from the pilots seat.
  6. how do you even know you got it, where on the UI does it tell you?
  7. Just a real quick question if I'm doing a Lich mission(really dislike these by the way) and I get 3 or 4 murmurs then I abort the mission do I get those murmurs or do they not count?
  8. Oh I see what you asking, no I did not change flotillas till after the timer has gone off, so it wasn't that, I just waited and they just never made to 100 before the timer ran out. I'm just hoping this is not a trend. Personally I'd rather play the ground game it's more straight forward and quicker.
  9. about 3.5k average a flotilla why?
  10. Guys I have a question, yesterday I played three different flotillas and all three never made it to 100 so no bonus, is anyone else beginning to run into this?
  11. My issue isn't about going afk or such, my issue is about bad design then nerfing something to fix that bad design especially nerfing something is a standard game mechanic.
  12. So completely true, absolutely agree with this.
  13. Just to be clear i'm not a Limbo main at all, I just feel that these changes are a knee jerk move because they are the ones who made the mistake.
  14. So once again because of poor game design and testing another in game mechanic gets nerfed and the game community pays the price. I think it would have been better to leave things as is, accept responsibility for the mistake and use that knowledge for the next event. Even if a in game mechanic trivializes a game mode, that's on you not the community and they should not be the ones to pay the price.
  15. Let me see if I understand this about the so called exploit. So venarii whose healing which has been working since Khora came on scene is now not ok because it heals the oplinks, even though it probably did the same to defense pods, but that is ok?? I'm mean what's next making Limbo's cat no longer able to cover the oplinks as well?
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