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  1. Something I have never liked about Nightwave is being made to wait for it to refresh on Sunday. I think it should be up to the player how quickly to complete something as oppose to artificially extend the length. I think once you complete a Nightwave task another should replace it, who cares if the player gets to level 30 in a week or two, it should be the players choice and not the games.
  2. Shouldn't targets be affected by power range as well, as an example it makes no sense that if Xaku can grab from 30 meters(this is just an example) based on power range why aren't those same guns able to target at that same range?
  3. I guess when it comes right down to it it's mote point since the update is going out probably today or has already been done (was catching up on Star Trek Discovery) and to be honest all I'm looking forward to in this update is the new bow, so I guess we'll wait and see what happens.
  4. When I played World of Warships and played there test server, the actual update took about two weeks after we finished to be posted, I'm very concerned about getting this update this soon, it makes me think, 1) That either they are superheroes and were able to do all the changes suggested in such a short amount of time, or 2) they ignored all the feedback and decided to put the update out anyway with the thought that whatever is broken they will fix later.
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