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  1. Hello fellow tenno, wassup its me again so i am kinda bored with warframe and i don't really like the open worlds and i am now focusing on getting new frames for myself but the thing is i have gotten all my frames that i wanted and now i want a frame which can crowd control plus have sort of darkish powers if you know what i mean and many will recommend nekros for this but i personally don't like his normal design, i'll just either wait for him to be unvaulted so i can farm him or buy him from someone else, i really like frames with a high rate of killing like umbra's exalted blade does and whats the best bet here?
  2. Why don't you add an anti-sentient faction which also helps you to fight the sentients using their own operatives or specters?
  3. I did one ayatan treasure hunt today and got one, i was returned to the relay and i maxed out the treasure so i can sell it to maroo but what happened was that i was given another option to play the treasure once more which will allow me to get another treasure or sculpture. i clicked the option which lets you do hunts weekly just right after completing a hunt, the same thing maroo says that your ready or not, tho i did not take any ss or i did not click "im ready" as well since i had already done it, after that i sold my sculpture to maroo and she no longer gave me the option to redo the hunt. is this a bug or what.
  4. I'll give you one for free, let me know when your online.
  5. Oh if this happens, i'll put everything in the entire game into the simulacurm and have my effigy (chroma's 4) fight all them alone. it'll be kinda interesting and i also wanted an infinite energy mode.
  6. 4 hours are nothing. it took me 7-8 days to get Nidus and those days were full of farming nidus. don't let this create fear in your mind i just have tough luck.
  7. Ahh, did one single run today and got the chassis and will tell you exactly what happened in the run as per rotations, A,A,B,C. A : Normal, High Performance. A : Normal,High Performance. B : Normal, Moderate-High Performance. C : Extreme,Stalled-Low-Moderate Performance, Thousands of ancients spawned and took away my energy,exalted blade ran out and i was only with my hek and dragon nikana, wondered if DE saw this thread and is giving me an ultimate battle with loads of ancients and soo many mutalist moas that i lost count. i thought i was about to get the chassis and i was right! then i ran out of polymer bundle to build nidus chassis and farmed 2k in 30 minutes. the chass is building and i cannot wait to use nidus muahahaha.
  8. So i was here wondering what happens if you compose a message to someone as the stalker does in-game for fun, not tried it because DE is kinda strict on those rules but what if someone tries it. here is the Message if you don't understand. Subject : ??? Message : Your actions have consequences.
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