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  1. Host migration issues are plaguing relic defense missions. If a host extracts, in most cases the relic selection screen freezes and the mission won't continue. I have a feeling it comes down to peer connection issues, but this has become common enough that there should be some sort of safeguard against this happening. Aborting the mission or hitting Alt-F4 because host migration bugged out is not a pleasant way to end a fissure mission.
  2. These items would have been better off being in the Arbitration Shop.
  3. Changes sound pretty good, I'm excited to try them once they go live. One suggestion I have is to move stuff like Aura forma, Ephemera and the Arcanes to the Arbitration Shop. Having those as rotation drops almost defeats the point of the Arbitration Shop, and by extension, Vitus Essence.
  4. Any plans for Operator clothing styled like the Kubrow and Kavat armor sets? They look great!
  5. Any reports on videos not playing at all? I briefly went to check it out and not seeing any video playback.. but the new abilities screen sure is dope!
  6. Point and Laugh The MOA lifts its right leg, points it at a victim, and throws its head back in laughter.
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