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  1. You guys are serious with this event, right? This isn't some twisted early April Fool's joke?
  2. Thanks DE! Can't wait for the Umbral Forma drops to be included in that! As pilot it's hard to leave sometimes, heh.
  3. Will you be discussing the Command Intrinsic at all? What sort of 'perks' can we be looking forward to within the Command Intrinsic tree?
  4. That's a Mickey Mouse solution - why not just make them work like Sabotage caches? One person finds it, entire squad benefits.
  5. Very noice. Thanks for the hotfix guys! Keep up the hard work.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix DE, been looking forward to this one. Can things like Umbra Forma and the new weapon blueprints be awarded as shared drops similar to Sabotage Caches and not individual like crate pickups? Would hate to miss out on something like that because I was busy piloting.
  7. Great update so far, the mode really opens up once you've put some Intrinsics into Gunnery and Engineering and Didacs into your Avionics. Aside from some intermittent albeit not-so-minor bugs, this is the most fun I've had in Warframe in a while. Some issues: friends list appearing offline thus unable to invite, floors and walls of the Railjack disappearing after leaving the side Gunnery positions if you have the full 360 degree view, being stuck on the rewards screen when returning to the Dry Dock requiring an Alt-F4 and lastly rewards not being delivered properly. Otherwise a solid effort. Could have probably used another week in the oven for bug squashing, but so be it.
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