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  1. I see lot of "how to get nitain" and you even put alert after devstream coz you kinds start to suspect something. The sulution is simple-add old alerts back, buss rewards, esp credis ones and also keep nightweave. This way everyone can rely on 2 sources of stuff-fixed from nightwave and random from alerts. Also i still remember how you guys "forget" to put hildryn alt helmet in nightwave rewards. for entire season, so the only way to get it was is to spend plat, when we previously was able to get alt helmet for new frames pretty fastm if we were online on the right time, thats really shady.
  2. I really like the idea of battle pass...cough...Nightwave, it provide a reason to return to the game more often and some good rewards for that, if you willing to do challenges. However i think that alerts should stay, be buffed even (cred and resources one). I don't need any catalysts, but average or new players can't get even nearly as much of potatoes as they can before, with normal alters, especially if they want to buy cosmetics and other stuff for wolf credits, which is bad, coz they may start to think that his is p2w game. Talking about cosmetics, with old alert system i can bet 2000p that i will get alt helmet for hildryn for time that frames was released till today(or atlest there was one or two alerts with that reward). But with new system i just can't get it coz i can't get it with random alerts and can't buy it via wolf creds, coz it's just not there and i don't know when it will be, and this is a bad. TL;DR-Keep the nightwave as it is, it's good and healthy for the game, but bring old alert back and buff those,that rewards you with only resource and credit, like x3-5 time buff it.
  3. DE, add toroids intsead of bonds, you don't need bonds as much of them at max lvl (which you have to be to fight the orb). Not to say that you can just buy them with credits. You CAN'T buy toroids and you need then and the only real way to obtain them is farming for them. Remove bonds from droptable, add toroids.
  4. Guys, revert any change that you make for xp gain or bonus modifier that you make on k-drives, it's just not fun anymore, have only one board left and i definitely will bot touch it with current xp gain.
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