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  1. Nowhere in there does it say "You guys are doing something wrong". It seems to me that there are at least 2 completely different problems going on and trying to sort out who is having which problem without a fully detailed reply every time (not an accusation just observation) would be very difficult if not impossible. We have people in here talking about PS4 and PS5 so that adds another level of difficulty so let's be patient because testing small scale will never uncover all errors that can happen when releasing to the public. Side note; Thank you for coming back with questions/sug
  2. PS5 running the PS4 version still has an error when checking for updates.
  3. Same here. Been leveling weapons with a friend who's playing on PS4 and he's back in. Sadness...😥 Also it's unlikely that downloading the OS4 version will fix it. I only just now realized that in my excitement over getting a PS5 I went to "owned games" in my library so I have been playing the PS4 version and it's not working. (I'm also now downloading the right version LOL)
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