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  1. Thank you for that. The last time I had signed up for twitch drops twitch was setting the drop rate while everything else was set by the company. As for every hour I can tell you that's not true. 15 hours and I've received 6 so far. However thank you for updating my knowledge
  2. So for everyone here who is getting pissed off etc. Etc. THIS IS HOW DROPS WORK Warframe isn't the one hosting the drops only the rewards the drops give. Of course it's a lootbox type chance where both warframes have a low chance to drop most likely Every hour watching a twitch stream DOES NOT GUARANTEE A DROP. Drop chances are randomized. I've received hundreds of drops from twitch for MULTIPLE games. I would say the avg. Hourly drop rate with having about 5 streams open at the same time equals about a 30% chance. This is not warframes fault. This is how twitch does their drops. It is like this for every game that twitch drops are enabled for. Now the chance of getting certain items is DE's fault but were you really expecting them to hand out 2 free frames to literally pull a stream up on your computer and not pay attention while you grind in the game? As of now with having 5 streams open for about 15 hours, started around 7pm last night... 6 drops, Ambulas Noggle Neo K2 Display glyph Cetus Wisp Grand Finale And a 7500 credit cache. I myself am hoping for the frames but it all depends on what their drop rate is. They may only be giving 1 frame an hour and if you have 20k people watching streams that a stupid low chance. Hopefully this post has cleared up some of the confusion. And as for where I get my info...Twitch website has it on their FAQ page...I'm a streamer myself with drops enabled for 2 other games...and as I said above I've received 100's of drops for other games.
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