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  1. Same Issue here, I've been using weeping wounds not only with Sigma and Octantis but with high base Status Weapons, like my 25% base Status Zaw, on 12x combo its should've easily went overboard on 100% status, but it is not doing it, and Im barely getting any status out of it
  2. Weeping Wounds doesn't seem to be working at all, as far as I've been trying it, its not stacking at all, Used it on Sigma & Octantis aswell as a Plague Kripath With 25% base Status, both doesnt seem to get any higher status during missions
  3. Some interesting changes overall, tho it seems that Ayatan Stars economy its sort of a problem for me an my friends, I disagree with the removal of the Cyan Star as part of rotation rewards, tho I'd suggest a change on it, to be replaced with the Seeding Step Ephemera, and split the chance to either 5x Cyan Stars or 5x Amber Stars, while adding the Seeding Step Ephemera to the Vitus Shop, as I'd rather Spent mad amounts of Vitus to get the Ephemera Once rather than be sitting with tons of Blueprints as Im currently being Some of the Arcanes look pretty interesting, but the Companion Arcane its just a no go, with the existence of Pack Leader, which doesn't even need to be leveled up to be completely useful, even if it works on sentinels, I'd rather not use an arcane that will make go to melee range to a Bombard or a Infested Volatile Runner to get the sentinel Killed with the collateral damage even before being able to proc its effect, It'll be more useful if it procs with any type of kill, or make it percentage based just like Pack Leader, all of this implying that the arcane will be working on sentinels on the first place, as if It is planed to only work on beast and Moas, its just a straight worse unranked pack leader that is fighting for a slot against any other arcane, which includes Energize and Grace, even the new melee damage arcane included here aswell, as it will just make pack leader's lifesteal better with the increased damage Cant say much about the Aura Mods, they don't even gather my attention enough to make an opinion about them, and Kuva is a nice addition to Vitus Shop, probably instead of Auras we can get some Companion/Sentinel based mods with the Nightmare/Corrupted Style, as, specially Sentinels, barely have mods to change their builds as much, Since Sentinels cant use Link mods I'd got for a Corrupted Enhanced Vitality that will provide more HP than the regular version as the expense of Shields or Damage Dealt, same for the rest of Stats, or Brand new Arbitration Augments, tho I don't have much in mind about what can be done there
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