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  1. TYPE: In-Game, Necramech fight DESCRIPTION: Fighting Necramech and instantly killed. Necramech damage return audio/visual cue seems to be delayed as damage reflect begins directly after ability is active but it is not heard or seen until moments after. https://i.imgur.com/eFiS9UZ.mp4 REPRODUCTION: If I am constantly firing on boss I will be killed because ability warning and visuals are delayed. EXPECTED RESULT: Shield visuals/sound should happen before ability returns damage. OBSERVED RESULT: Instantly killed seemingly before Necramech ability is used. REPRODUCTI
  2. Hopefully it was just reverted on accident with the bug fix listed. If it was a bug that gave it 5 charges I feel like they would have mentioned it with the other bug fix.
  3. Considering the Battacor got a listed bug fix without mentioning the extra charges im hoping it was just reverted without changing the charges back. Notably the arsenal now lists base damage of shot instead of fully charged damage.
  4. The recent update has reverted the Battacor to only having 3 charges on alt fire and the arsenal now states the base damage per charge instead of the multiplied damage. Given that the charge count was last changed in update 28.1 and the listed bug fix "Fixed kills with the Battacor's Alt Fire contributing towards its charges." I am worried that the changes are a result of reverted code instead of an intentional change. Hopefully I can get more clarity on this topic and if it was unintentional have it looked at.
  5. This is also seemed to revert the Battacor max charge count on alt fire back to three or was that an intentional nerf?
  6. Just noticed the Battacor now has 3 charges again, was this intentional? Whats the situation with all the charge count change?
  7. Yeah I read that in the post but I mean Hildryn has no energy and all other abilities have an energy cost.
  8. Any comment on how subsumed abilities will work with Hildryn? Will everything cost shields instead or will they just not work.
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