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  1. any news on the multishot change? and focus is still on beta right? what are the possible changes?
  2. since prime warframes dont have skins, i think maybe this umbra is the "proto" skin version for them.
  3. oh so its about art. hm.. will there be any conventional robotic suit? since all of the warframe designs are not so "robotic" --and i guess it will always be the main theme of the tenno-- is it possible for humanoid robot (or suit) appeared in corpus faction in the future?
  4. i thought the prime warframe images are exclusive to corrupted mods.
  5. so sheldon is back? he's not banned anymore?
  6. i tried this. i enabled UseJobs, played some game smoothly. then crash happened when i try syndicate mission. it happened at the start of the loading screen. it crashes the whole computer, so i have to push the power button. so there's no WAR numbers. now im scared to test this again.
  7. wow rhino buff. one question though, does stomp duration affecting time to recast the ability?
  8. anyone tried the promo code? how many days is the booster for? i want to know so i could plan out when to enter the code.
  9. are you afraid of ghosts? actually are ghosts even exist?
  10. i hope the dark theme has a new look too. the light one looks awesome but it burns D:
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