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  1. I hardly see any problem with the idea of much more frequent riven dispo changes. I would even go as far as to say do it every 2 weeks, every time Baro arrives. Your plea about the "oh so much plat I've spent on my super precious riven!" falls on deaf ears to me. It only serves to highlight how much of a bubble rivens are. What item should rightly cost thousands of plat? The reason why rivens are so expensive is because they don't change rapidly enough. There would be a mad grab the first couple of times and extreme exploitation, sure, but that would stop after the idea that rivens aren't permanent sets in. The system of rivens has a few problems with how it is implemented, and the stagnancy of the buffs is prime and center. All the stagnancy is doing is making powerful weapons even more powerful. The idea of rivens is actually something nearing a stroke of genius: players will adapt their weapons to the absolute minmax, and it is something nigh impossible to predict, to counter this and make every weapon more viable, the less popular, and therefore weaker or unoptimizable, weapons will get a mod that gives them extreme buffs for the mod cost. This popularity system theoretically ensures that every weapon will reach something of an equilibrium where every weapon is viable instead of the ultimate fate of becoming MR fodder. You wouldn't need to fine tune every weapon for all content, as the systems of buffs from the rivens will do that for you, and will continue to do so, even in the face of new content. If something became too powerful, everyone would use it and it gets nerfed again. The more you speed up this update frequency, and the more volatile you make it, the more responsive the balancing becomes. The two major issues facing the system right now are that the maximum buffs for the weakest weapons aren't enough (1.5x? It needs to be like 3x), and that they don't happen quickly enough for this system to see any real use. What we currently have is a system where new weapons and older weapons with high disposition are currently optimized for and stay that way pushing a system that was meant to include every weapon to only include very few. Instead of solving the problem of MR Fodder, by not updating the rivens frequently enough, it has instead made it worse. Now, you make a fair point that nobody likes their favorite things being broken. This is extremely easy to solve. Simply only update the rivens and recalculate their stats whenever they get traded or on a new roll. If you don't ever trade your favorite riven, or don't ever select a the new roll when cycling, your riven will stay in it's "perfect" state. This means no buffs, but also no debuffs. Fun is maintained, and the only people losing out are those who are making a business on flipping rivens, which should be by design, a volatile and unpredictable item. Rivens shouldn't be something you spend literal hundreds of dollars worth of plat on, they should be a system to make people use infrequently used weapons without feeling the incredible pain of not being optimized. TL;DR Rivens are broken, and updating them on a frequent (like two weeks) basis would go a long way of fixing them and restoring their original purpose. To preserve the fun, only update rivens when they're traded or cycled, and screw the people who think a digital item needs to be worth hundreds of dollars.
  2. Can we get the typo on Radian(t) Sentrium fixed? With the new Fortuna gems paralleling the old Cetus gems, it really makes it obvious that there's a typo.
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