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  1. It's hard to argue against any Motorhead track, but I think this one is more relevant:
  2. I played on PC release. I'm pretty certain that I just had long load times and two occasions where it booted me out to the Orbiter, but to me that's not 'barely workable.' It is surprising to see that people are using 32-bit OSes and are gaming on them, but then it is possible that a PC manufacturer like HP would preload their hardware with those. Anyway, I'm not stating that they're infallible, but generally studios DO have QA teams, but there are two issues that can arise for "bug tracking"- not having enough people to find them all before a product launches, and coders / artists ignoring issues.
  3. Thank you, I think this is what should have been stated in the first post. With that said, you do have a few spelling and grammatical errors in this post, but fortunately I can forgive such errors.
  4. I would agree. It is beneficial to the actual members who have to correct issues in the coding or in the art assets on what is wrong and what exactly did it take to receive the issues- (what platform or PC hardware specs do you play on, what is your progression in the story, etc.)
  5. I would be careful about the Middle Ground Fallacy, though. There are many cases just in this game where fixes have lead to Warframes and weapons becoming useless or killing machines for unforeseen reasons, so I would take gameplay changes slowly but certainly only if people are able to reproduce consistent statistics in why said Warframe or weapon should be altered.
  6. For those concerned with the release of Fortuna and the """rushed""" release of PoE, I would say that they did have QA test things, but QA has a finite amount of staff members that can test functionality of new and old features. If someone finds a bug, they'll try to have another staff member try to reproduce the bug so that it can be tracked and hopefully fixed as soon as the main team can. If it can't be reproduced... the results are varying from studio to studio, but it's likely that DE still keeps a note of said bug and waits for confirmation from the players, as it's possible a bug can result from a player's progression in the game that leads to the bug, making it rarer to track and fix. Anyway, I'd say wait and hope that the Orb Vallis is released in a state that doesn't completely break someone's account, and I'll be happy with the new content. Game crashes suck, but as long as significant amount of progress isn't lost, I'll be content.
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