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  1. It's not been confirmed by anyone officially but it's what many of us feel given the evidence we have at this time. No one has refuted the *no duplicate drops* on consoles yet and with those of us who have been active about this it's certainly the trend among us. We'll have to wait and see if anything more becomes of this.
  2. i have to wonder if the problem with us on consoles and no dupes is making us think there is a problem when there isn't. I mean there is but it's not the issue we are thinking it is as in unrelated to twitch-prime and the sync/link to warframe. Example being once you get the common drops out of the way we go 20+ hours without seeing more because the times we would get more commons we simply get nothing. You may think there is a problem but it's just that you need to hit that sweet rng spot of the few things left you haven't received yet.
  3. Feels like what I have going on here. I got 2 drops Saturday night and one around 3am Sunday. Nothing throughout the day yesterday, evening or this morning.
  4. My drops for PS4 have been 7500 credits Display glyph Cetus Wisp Grad Finale Neo k2 Relic Nidus Nitain Extract Axi C3 Relic So far I've had nothing but unique drops.
  5. Color me surprised after a dry spell of nada thinking it was broke for me and some others it started working again. I have no idea if it was anything I did as I was grasping at straws trying to figure out if it was on my end or theirs but I did change my email in Warframes account page. When you create your account on PS4 it appears as "yourname@fakepsn.com" so I tossed in my real email and relinked everything once again, an hour later this showed up.
  6. Just a heads up not all of us are playing this on PC so your milage will vary. I've not gotten drops all day, last one being 8pm last night. Watched on mobile and pc to get my first 5 now nothing with nothing changing. There is clearly an issue it's just not being addressed. You don't just stop getting things for no reason without an issue somewhere (relinked account twice with no change since). Will continue watching Admirals stream tonight and see if luck changes but not expecting much.
  7. I've also had some awful luck with this limited time event. I spent a good portion of yesterday bouncing between Brozime and iFlynn where I was able to get 5 drops over the course of 10+ hours. Now I have no problem with the randomness of drops just how I'm seemingly getting far fewer drops for the time spent than others in the same streams with everything setup properly. I've been watching AdmiralBahrooo for pretty much his whole marathon session going on now since last night and not seen one drop yet. I did just unlink everything from twitch-prime/warframe and link it all again trying to kick start it again to no avail. Last drop was last night around 8pm Eastern, platform PS4.
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