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  1. Hi tennos! This https://community.forfansbyfans.com/m/fan-forge/designs/Warframe-Fan-Forge/list/id-8229 is my submission for the contest! Hope you all like this one. If you do, please leave some rating in there as i will greatly appreciate it 😄
  2. @[DE]Megan Hey Megan! Thanks to the whole team for all the fixes that have been currently shiped to us! We know you guys are working non stop these days.
  3. This changes look pretty solid and well rounded. Maybe some further adjustments might be needed but overall its all good. The only thing that its not stated its if theres daily cap as the other sindicates. If there is, that would be really not that helpful for newer players. Hope theres no daily cap tbh.
  4. Hola, aún te quedan planos de la ignis fantasma? Me encantaría poder tener uno
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