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  1. Same here. If you let it try long enough it goes to "The content servers are temporarily unavailable. ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT Edit: And just like that it came back up right as I submitted the above.
  2. Agreed the old relic interface was so much cleaner and faster to get info from for normal everyday game play. This new layout is coagulated crap. By the time I mouse over to see the amount I have of each and what I want to choose now time is nearly out. I'm on PC so it doesn't just suck for consoles. You want a good clean layout put the old one back and add the ducat price in a corner like the amount was. Don't need the unowned ones in the selection list either. If you want them there then put a checkbox to show with default off.
  3. Display settings bugged and game keep loosing focus. I have a 4k monitor but can't borderless window sets to 2731x1440. Even if I go to window mode and manually set to 4096x2160 it just sets itself back to 2731x1440 on save. Tried resetting to default and no go. Confirmed display is set to 4096x2160.
  4. Game keeps loosing focus after this update. Never had an issue with fullscreen window before (occasionally with regular window mode) but now it's a constant issue. I've only played the new maps so far and it seems to do it more frequently when the new demolists or whatever they are called are active. Found possible cause. 4k res is broke. If I set it to borderless widnow it goes to 2731x1440. Even if I set to windowed and specify 4096x2160 manually it resets the window to 2731x1440. Double checked display settings and they are 4096x2160
  5. I've been trying to do this for over an hour now and the thing just keeps resetting itself. I've been as high as 5 kills out of 7 and the thing will just reset. Bump into a tree it resets. Hit afterburner it resets sometimes. Leave the plains and come back it resets. I have yet to take a status effect but it keeps resetting anyway. These challenges are irritating enough without the damn bugs. Update: Saw a suggestion to try shooting eidlons at night. Well the first one worked. Second one I missed the shot on. It didn't reset to 0 like it should have. Shot again and hit it then it reset to 0 when it should have been 1. Shot another one and it went from 0 right to 2. Shot another one and it went back to 0 and broke. No more shots counted and the riven message never appeared again. Had to leave the plains.
  6. So many cosmetic fixes yet orb is still broken to all hell. Every instance where a host migration has occurred is busted. Alarms are either stuck on or self destruct making toroid farming nearly impossible. New one tonight can't get out of open world. As soon as you leave squad people join so unless you can get one of the new people to leave with you you are stuck. Took me 6 tries before I was fast enough to get out. Until host migration issues are fixed open world is lame. Can't chance taking a second mission from on the plains or orb due to host migration failures resulting in loss of all loot. Even farming you can't stay long unless you are the host since you don't know when the host will decide to leave possibly resulting in migration fail and connection lost erasing your rewards. When are the devs going to realize cosmetics don't matter if the network code is crap. They need a full feature freeze until the majority of bugs are fixed.
  7. I've spent all afternoon trying to get things done of Fortuna just to be thwarted by one bug after another. Every release seems to just add more bugs to the game. Here are a few just from the last couple of hours: * Bounties fail because keypads are missing from hack stations. Even if they are there when you hack them the doors do not open or the next one is missing. * Most open world instances are bugged. Join one and either alarms self destruct, there are no enemies, or you get disconnected. * Host migration bugs everything if it even completes. Probably results in the above bugged instances. Fix the damn network code and quit with the fancy costumes. * Weapons switching still broke. I use my secondary quite frequently and if I pick up anything using F when I use it or drop it I end up with my primary. Using archwing is a crapshoot what weapon you will end up with. * The nighwave guys frequently fall though the map making capture of them impossible. It's taken me 5 hours of gameplay to get my 17000 standing and I still have yet to get one toroid after repeated attempts to farm them. End up in buggy instances or host leaves and it bugs it or well host migration fails. This has been going on since buried debts came out. Multiple attempts to farm and have yet to get a single sola toroid. Can't farm them solo the drop chances are abysmal.
  8. So torid farming is now nearly impossible. Anyone entering your instance can start a one of those fissure missions and it bugs all the alarms. You can't stop it from happening. They take priority over everything else it seems. This also results in more bugs like alarms just spontaneously exploding when dropped making it impossible to increase the alert level. This continues until you leave the orb. Even if you drop squad it just keeps happening. It bugs the entire instance. On one occasion I couldn't even get out of the instance. Had to abort back to ship and that still didn't do it. It kept putting me right back in the same bugged instance and even showed the squad on my ship. Had to exit the game entirely. Fortuna is crap now. Not that it wasn't before.
  9. Fortuna bounties still broke. No consols to hack in places causing failures. Now you have to stay in an area on seek and destroy and nothing of the correct type spawns. Kill 25 drones 2 spawn bounty failed. Why even call it seek and destroy if there is no seek anymore? Again no though in the changes made.
  10. Great job DE. Still haven't fixed the damn host migration issues so just lost at least 15 seals. That's right they don't bother to register them until you leave the orb via fortuna. Host left squad, migration failed, all work lost. All I have to show for it is a damn sore hand after farming for over an hour. SCREW NEW CONTENT FIX THE BUGS!!!!!
  11. Like so many other bugs still not fixed. I've seen bugs from 2015 that still exist. Focus is on making new content to get people to spend money instead of fixing existing bugs. Too many supposedly free to play games have this issue.
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