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  1. No lich fixes even though those have been bugged since release and have actually gotten worse. Not even an acknowledgment of steal nerfing Khora's 2 ability for your little event. All the feedback on stagger apparently fell on deaf ears as it has not been rolled back yet .
  2. Congratulations on making khora a useless frame with this update. No changes commented but the 2 ability is nerfed to hell making fighting high level enemies nearly impossible now. You get one shot a ccing an enemy. Cant' kill it in those 20 seconds or whatever time it is too bad you are screwed. Next cast takes energy but does nothing. You now have killed my entire game play with the last 2 patches. First you made the staticor a short range weapon have stagger then you nerf khora. Time to find a new game. Anyone else playing this should consider doing the same or not spending a dime on this game until all bugs are fixed and these types of changes are guaranteed to never happen. If I was in charge of DE all these devs would have been out the door for pushing out broken update after broken update.
  3. TYPE: Mission DESCRIPTION: Kuva Liches disappear when hit with parazon with correct requiems. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Have a lich with the correct requiems and try to kill your lich. EXPECTED RESULT: Hits should register and on final one the lich defeat options should appear. OBSERVED RESULT: First time it vanished when the second requiem hit. No hit was registered in game or in the lich screen after game. Second time it did the same thing but on the third requiem hit. REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 for 2 so far. Just noticed my combo changed with the update. Last night the 3rd requiem was xata now it's ris. Not the first time I've had a combo change on me either.
  4. TYPE: Ability DESCRIPTION: Khora's 2 (trap) ability has several bugs and behavior changes not listed in the release notes. Chief bug is on strong enemies (bosses/liches) a second cast does the animation, takes the energy, but does nothing. Cool down timer doesn't even activate. Prior behavior was about half duration to previous cast. For instance 19 seconds on first cast, 9 on second, 4 on 3rd and 2-3 for additional casts. Now it's 0 seconds for all additional casts. Also the ability seemed to affect the raptors in today's sortie but didn't stop them from moving like it used to. Another thing is target selection seems to be off. I was trying to test it on a nox right in front of me and it chose a target across the room, down a set of stairs and behind a column that I couldn't even see. The pull also seems to be bugged. Seems more delayed than before and almost like it's trying to pull to more than one target. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Easiest way is to find a level 5 lich (haven't' tested on lower level ones) and cast the 2 on it, wait for it to break free and try casting again. EXPECTED RESULT: Previous behavior of the cc time reducing on additional casts on same target. OBSERVED RESULT: Energy taken, animation on both player and target but no affect. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always on liches other bugs I haven't quite figured out any pattern to yet.
  5. Well it affects people that use keyboard too.
  6. I had this happen after a railjack outing and just now in a lich mission. My weapons ranked up in the mission and one maxed. Go to arsenal and it's back to level 24. The railjack one was a series of about 4 missions lost and was on multiple weapons. This time it was even stranger. Primary weapon leveled correctly to 29 and stayed there. Melee weapon went to max rank in game but in last mission results shows it only making it to 24 which was the mission before that. The railjack one prior to 27.2.0 but was within the last 2 weeks.
  7. Not just on failed attempts. I've had it happen after killing my lich as well. Also noticed an increase of "double hits" (where it tries 2 requiems at once) resulting in this. Even had it happen after not using my parazon on my lich and the game doing it automatically. Lich was up on some crates and I jumped and the attempt screen showed before I even got close. This bugged it too.
  8. This is progressively getting worse. It started off as an occasional issue on Thursday but now it's nearly every time. Loot pickup and interact you can get around with operator but no way around using parazon. Also no way to pick up energy or ammo and it says ammo is full with 0 left. BTW this bug has existed for quite some time with Khora and capture missions so it's not a new thing just new to lich missions. It happens all the time to me on cetus if I don't capture in operator mode.
  9. The staticor change is just moronic. Let's make a short range weapon (pistol) not usable at short range. It already has a downside with the fire being interruptible by the enemy. Now just try using it with Khora and Venari walking in your line of fire constantly not to mention other players doing it too.
  10. The staticor has been rendered mostly useless by this update. Most areas are too small to fire a charged shot in without triggering the stagger. Aim gliding over top of enemies is no longer a viable tactic. Wall latching sliding, are also off the table now. I don't even want to see what it's going to be like in defense missions. Pretty much just ruined the game for me. Khora + staticor was my enjoyment.
  11. I ran into this same bug with the nukor. MR stuck at 1992001 never increase from levels 36-40 at least. Could have been more levels.
  12. I don't know if this qualifies as a bug but it's pretty annoying. I've been dealing with it since I started playing Warframe. I have a 42" 4k monitor so I had to move all the stuff toward the center and make it large in order to read it while playing. Originally it was just the bounty complete messages on open world but as I got into cracking rivens and then nightwave it became more and more annoying. It makes it impossible to see targets. Even worse I'm trying to do a 3 headshot in a single aim glide riven and there is no way to see the heads. The riven messages are bugged for that one if you get one head shot it shows 0. Anyway these messages should be off to the top or bottom of center. You should never loose the ability to see what you are aiming at.
  13. I've had this happen at lest 3 times in the last 2 day but never before that. First one was casting strangledome froze me to the cast spot. I had to go into operator to get out of it. The others were all with the 2 ability. Cast it on an enemy and I get pulled into the group as well. No radiation status effect or even enemies using radiation involved. I'm not even using radiation weapons.
  14. I created a new config (CONFIG D) on a warframe. I then equipped mods including 4 unranked mods. I want to mods and fused them to max. Exited and returned to cofig D. Noticed some mods were still unranked and did it again. Still unranked. I then did a test on one thinking it was taking the endo but not upgrading the mod. Sure enough it took the endo and the mod was still unranked. I then looked to fuse them by listing all and not having them equipped. That's when I noticed 2 ranked versions of each of the mods and 3 of another. So basically I burned a few thousand endo due to a bug. I tried the same thing in an existing config slot on another frame and it worked as it's supposed to.
  15. This is the 3rd time I've seen this bug now. When you hit a lich with an incorrect requiem combination you sometimes get knocked on your back and can't move or do anything. It's difficult for enemies to even hit you to kill you. It's almost as if it still plays part of the old back break but it's more of a knock back. Post bug you can't move but may be able to shoot or use operator but go right back to being stuck. All 3 times I've seen it happen (twice to me and once to someone else) it has been the host that has bugged. When it happened to someone else their position on the map was not where they actually were which is probably why the ai couldn't hit them. Being killed may or may not "fix" the bugged state. Just noticed this time that the hit that triggered the bug while incorrect did give enough hint to reveal the next requiem.
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