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  1. So trying to farm my second Sevagoth after this patch. Don't know what changed since a few days ago but when you are solo the void storms one shot kill you now. Doesn't matter if you set to solo or if no one joins your squad. Repeated insta deaths from full health/shields. Guess all the storms spawn on the single player since there are no other players and the damage is just over the top. Did no see the issue with multiple players in mission. Did still seem to loose shields instantly quite frequently.
  2. Why do I never get to use my own railjack since update 30? Doesn't matter if I start from inside my own ship or from the void fissure drop down always end up on another ship. I have a ship with nearly everything maxed and can't use it. Tired of going thru load after load only for the host to dry dock every time for more load screens. I want to get on my ship and do several missions without going back but can't. Why did I put all the time in leveling gear if I never get to use it and have no control over it? One person can force a jump and nothing you can do about it. I should be able to
  3. They said that about the grineer liches. I famed at least 270 of those so I would have a full crew of cool looking but quirky liches with ephemeras
  4. So I try MR30 for days now both in practice and just went for it. First issue is invisible ceilings that prevent you from jumping back from the wave completion platforms. Hard to avoid what you can't see and it costs time. Second is some kind of strange lag and instant death. Happens most often right at the end of wave 5 when the bosses appear (usually multiple times) but can happen any time. May be tied to weapon change/ability cast. For instance trying to get into out out of Mesa's 4 or switch from primary to secondary. All of a sudden the screen seems to freeze for about 5 seconds, t
  5. The whole thing. Those episodes and little tests that caused nothing but frustration and made me quit on episode 1 never to be able to get the weapon. I can't stand those type of outside of game mechanic tests. The stupid MR tests are bad enough but then that was over the top. The damn things spawning every time you try to crack a riven and messing things up. Same with scanning unalerted things. Show up and alert everything. Don't get me started on the bugs.......
  6. So did I just loose over 1000 (more like 1400) nightwave credits? That's total BS I don't read the forums. There needs to be in game email notifications of things like this. No that damn little console isn't sufficient. It's always full of garbage that won't even open correctly.
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