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    Stuck After Ending Derelict Assassination

    I've had this happen twice now in other missions. Never seen it before the last update. Mission seems to end then you get tossed back into the mission and can't exit. Either a black screen or if on open world like fortuna the game never tries to save again and the elevator won't move. All loot gets lost except for major items like prime parts which are emailed to you. They messed something up.
  2. I've had sever graphics issues on Cetus since the update. I get them as well on Fortuna but not quite as bad. I'm using a Geforece GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. Had none of these issues until the update. The issue gets worse the longer the mission goes. Most of the time it starts with normal graphics. Things like rain, fog, darkness make the issue even worse. The map will get patch with the effects in some place and not in others. Heck sometimes the tower even appears to be on the map and not in the background. https://i.imgur.com/TwkaKRX.jpg
  3. Like so many other bugs still not fixed. I've seen bugs from 2015 that still exist. Focus is on making new content to get people to spend money instead of fixing existing bugs. Too many supposedly free to play games have this issue.
  4. Yea spend money on hardware to get past 1 damn mission. Money I don't have. I wouldn't be playing a free game if I could afford to buy stuff.
  5. I know how to do it the problem is I can't do it repeatedly. Sure I can do the one off and sometimes even 2 but to do it over and over and on demand isn't going to happen. Practicing just makes it worse. The more I try those combinations the number my hands get. I tried for about 45 minutes earlier and went from being able to make the first 4 jumps to only the first 3. As for bugs maybe I just see them more because I used to do beta testing and even some dev work. Heck can't even get past the launcher without it closing itself half the time. V-Prime has been buggy all day. Just had rescue missions where the 3rd and 4th group didn't spawn until the host left then the spaceship wouldn't depart with them. It's full of bugs.
  6. I've only seen one other mission where these jumps are even needed and apparently there is some way around that when your higher level. This blocks the entire gameplay. It's a fun game. Buggy as hell but fun. I have 217 hours of gameplay and didn't see a need for them until this mission. Of course that's after buying platinum. Not much but still they hide the need for so long into the game.
  7. I just have a regular 3 button mouse no fancy controllers. Keyboard macros are just as bad because you still need to take you hands off of wsad area for them. I've never had an issue with games because I've either avoided them or they didn't require such combinations. After weeks of play I find out this requires them. Sure I can do the occasional jump but I can't do them reliably. Bad enough being the last guy to evac nearly every mission because of it now I'm stuck forever. Woke up thinking I could finally make my first prime weapon today but nope never going to happen.
  8. The first 7 tests weren't bad except for test 7 bugging out on the live version until the latest update. Test 8 I will probably never be able to complete. I have both carpel tunnel and a nerve condition that caused me to loose much of the feeling in my hands. This makes doing multiple key jumps nearly impossible. Double jump is about the only thing I can do. I've already had to give up one weekly event due to jumps and now I will be stuck at rank 7. Wish I would have never bought plat. I would have never it I would have know about this BS. Game are supposed to be fun for everyone not a closed door to some.