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  1. I have yet to make it to a tier 3 isolation vault bonus missions due to bugs. Drops for things are bad enough but I can't even try. Another game another big memory leak that prevented voting on the 3rd isolation vault. Only option was to exit and close the game. Dozens of tries not one successful run of all missions and bonuses. I don't mean loosing I mean not able to start them due to bugs.
  2. Seems there is a nice memory leak now too (not that there wasn't before but it's much worse now). I usually leave the game open and switch back and forth between playing and doing other things. Last night my computer slowed way down which has never happened before. Figured some chrome or firefox tab went nuts but nope it was Warframe. It was hitting 4gig and slowing down my GPU. As soon as I exited Warframe system was back to normal. I'm running on an I9 extreme 7940x with 14 cores 28 threads, 64 gig of ram, and a GeForce GTX 1080 TI. 10 copies of Warframe running at the same time shoul
  3. ESC key can't be used quite frequently and especially after the third vault to do the new bonus missions. Can't accept, decline or even leave squad just stuck. Host can't even force start it.
  4. Mine shows as level 32 in vehicles tab but level 30 in the arsenal. It maxed out at 30 in the last mission and no more xp was earned so it can't level any more. Also can't forma it. Like I need to get it to level 34 to be able to do that but stuck at 30 now.
  5. Second one. They never even admitted to the last one where they made ensnare no longer work after the second cast on higher level enemies.
  6. Heck you usually can't damage them even if you can see them. You now have to hit an enemy directly. Hitting the dome doesn't work anymore even though that's what the ability says to do.
  7. If you hover over the BP in the shop it shows crafted as you loose the BP when you build it.
  8. Can you please fix liches spawning directly on top of the player? I've had this happen about a dozen times in the last few days. The lich spawns and the collision shoots the player across the room. Of course it also triggers knockdown.
  9. I've noticed this happening nearly always especially on Kuva survival missions. If you have your scanner out and are holding the item to convert the life support as soon as it takes it you switch to primary weapon. This happens even if you are in the middle of a scan. It always goes to primary even if you had secondary equipped before picking up the converter. I've also had this happen in mobile defense when I put the datamas in.
  10. I created a new config (config e) to test out a subsume setup. I like it but hate needing to update and switch back to config e every time I switch warframes to feed Hemith. So I decided to move config e to config a using the drag and drop on the configs. To my surprise I didn't have subsume ability. Checking with Hemith it still shows it on config e which is the old config a. The subsume should follow and config moves since the mods will be setup to go with the subsume setup. I even tried renaming the configs then moving them but it still shows "infused in e" which no longer exists.
  11. Failed the jumps about 20 times so far. Aim glide being disabled is just dumb. Well I should say disabled sometimes. It works when your falling just not jumping. Timer on top of that makes me panic and then over jump. I stay away from games with timers just for that reason. Another bug since if you over jump sometimes the platform spawns and sometimes you fall. No consistency. And yes it's the right answer. This damn puzzle is just a MR test you have to try over and over but instead of a 24 hour countdown you have to grind for it. These last few updates are really pushing me towards
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