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  1. I've noticed that sometimes Khora's whipclaw will cause self staggers for no apparent reason. I just played a defense mission and nearly every use of whipclaw caused a self stagger. I run a max range setup and it didn't matter where I was as long as I was inside the cage I got staggered about 90% of the time. I played a survival after that and the only time I was staggered was if I hit something right in front of me (still kind of stupid since it's classified as melee weapon). Seems like it's getting stuck on for entire missions then resets the next mission. It's really annoying to say th
  2. What a buggy piece of crap update. Vaults totally broken. Can't enter doors get teleported back out like I fell though the map and I'm not the only one it happened too. Vault 3 even teleported me to inside of vault one. No mod drops from the necrobots but other people did get them. The fast travel back to the surface doesn't work have to run all the way back out. Did anyone test this for 2 seconds?
  3. Doznes of vault runs and bounties and have yet to get one. Seems like all I get are D5 relics and neuros.
  4. Then they need to fix that. Floors/ceilings that radar can't go though and ones it can.
  5. With the new ship tile sets there is a lot more vertical interaction there there used to be. Even with 2 primed animal instincts stacked (khora/venari) you can't see enemies or loot that is right below you. If you are going to have vertical tile sets then the radar needs to be vertical too.
  6. I am sick and tired of needing to constantly check the wiki to see if a current void fissure drops the relics I'm trying to farm. So I thought of a way to improve the navigation interface. Simply adding filters that highlight missions that have the resource/relic/crafting component you need. Put a drop down on the left with all the currently available items. The player can check and unchecked a box next to the part(s) they are looking for. If multiple items are selected only the missions that drop them all will be highlighted. If nothing currently drops the items then just a message at t
  7. After the first bar she revives herself instantly no chance to even switch to melee before she is back to full health. Another bug or is there more to it?
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