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  1. IMO the problem with this is that you have to refine during the mission at all. I have no idea why they came up with that mechanic, it's pure idiocy. That's not how looting works in warframe, nor how it should work in any game. I'd really love to hear some sort of motivation for this because I'm totally dumbfounded about what the reasoning behind this could possibly be. Having to refine materials is fine, we do that with gems and ore from mining too. But losing your loot because someone outside your control is in a hurry to get home is... a lot of words that I'm not allowed to use on the forum.
  2. Isn't everyone conveniently ignoring the fact that repairs is how the engineer player gets their affinity? Or whatever it's called for intrinsics. It's all nice and well to say "do this do that" but all that advice requires you to have rank 5 in gunning or piloting, so that's pretty pointless for the average crew on public, because that's just not happening, ever. If everyone followed the advice laid out here, nobody would ever get to the rank where they can actually follow the advice. It's a catch-22. You have to START with getting some ranks, to worry about high end mechanics before that point is... well... pointless. So I would say if you're still ranking up your intrinsics on a earth public mission, repair that stuff, at the low level missions with a full crew you're not going to run out of omni-tool fuel before the mission is done, assuming you topped it up to 300 before leaving dry dock. Heck I did it in a 2 man team of total RJ noobs, repairing whatever I could, and came back to dry-dock with still 100 of 300 left in the omni-tool.
  3. When going directly to the Plains of Eidolon from your Orbiter, and then entering Cetus, the Quills door will not open, neither when trying to go inside nor when trying to go outside. Fast travel to Quill Onkko is still possible provided you are in operator mode. When traveling to Cetus from the Orbiter, the door works fine, it is only broken when you travel to PoE from Orbiter and then enter Cetus from there. Video demonstrating the problem. First minute or so shows the door working fine when going to Cetus from Orbiter. The second part shows the door not working when going to PoE from Orbiter and then entering Cetus:
  4. I cannot reproduce this either. My energy drain is as advertised regardless of my specific eff/dur setup. Using melee on a prowl Ivara (except for stealth takedowns) is an extremely bad idea as every hit will drain energy. If your stationary drain is 1 energy/s, every single melee attack will consume 2 energy. In addition, being hit yourself will consume 10 energy. Aside from that it is just terribly inefficient for your dps too, compared to popping heads with a sniper or bow. Without melee, using a maxed flow, you can get around 10 minutes of invisibility while moving. I actually run her with only 130% eff and 214% dur so that I can get her strength to 190% for extra speed bonus from the Infiltrate augment and have no problem keeping my energy maxed provided I prioritize taking out any energy leeches.
  5. If the Kuva Lich visits me in a mission, given the following conditions: Solo mission (with matchmaking set to Solo) No alarms are going off Kuva Lich does not see me (either because of invisibility or because I'm hiding out of his LOS) the Lich will always wander in the direction exactly opposite of where the Grineer mobs are. If there are mobs only to the south, it will wander straight north. If there are mobs to the south and east, it will wander north-west. If there are mobs to the north, west and south, it will wander east. I have been observing this behaviour over more than a dozen missions for multiple Liches, it is 100% reproducible for me and it happens 100% of the time and is entirely predictable. It is far too consistent to be a coincidence, and in fact you can pretty much direct the Lich to wander in a certain direction by luring groups of mobs to the opposite direction of where you want him to wander. Showing yourself and trying to get the Lich to follow you towards the mobs in the mission is unsuccessful. As soon as he loses sight of me - even if only for a second or 2 - he will instantly turn around and wander directly away from the mobs again. I have tried Ivara's noise arrows, I have moved around survival missions to activate different spawning points in an attempt to fully surround him with mobs. None of this works, the Lich seems extremely adept at avoiding LOS with any other mobs in the mission. He seems to have a directive to always turn his back to the densest concentration of mobs. Or to put it more technically, if you consider the vectors originating from the Lich and pointing to all the mobs in the mission, add them all together, and then multiply them by -1, you get the exact vector of the Lich's movement. As a result, it is extremely hard to get him to 'convert' mobs to Thralls because thanks to this behaviour he will simply never encounter any mobs. The only way I have found to break this behaviour is by setting off alarms, because that causes mobs to spawn in pretty much every tile on the map causing the Lich to be surrounded. Even then he will still move towards the direction with the lowest density of mobs. Very frustrating, I have no idea why it was implemented this way. It's like you're dangling a carrot to a cute little baby donkey and pelt him with rubber bullets if he dares to look at it. I would call it cruel and unusual punishment if I was being punished. As it is, it is just cruel and unusual.
  6. So I had a listen to this, and recorded what I heard. It seems my man in the wall is a bit more monosylabic than yours because I only get 3 patterns of knocks that seem to be repeated in random order: 11001 / 1111 / 11 The 1s represent high pitched knocks, and the 0s represent (slightly) lower pitch knocks (I have near pitch-perfect hearing so I am pretty certain this is correct, even though the patterns of 4 and 2 knocks have no variation in the pitch of the knocks which makes it slightly harder to determine if they're high or low pitched). Unfortunately, neither ..--. nor --..- are valid morse codes, so that 5 knock sequence doesn't fit in the morse alphabet. Assuming the 1s are dots and the 0s dashes, 1111 = .... would be h and 11 = .. would be i. Is someone saying "Hi" to me? Honestly I think it just means "Rap-tap-tap" 🙂 For completeness, here is the full sequence I recorded: 11001 1111 1111 11 11001 1111 1111 11 11001 1111 11001 1111 1111 11 1111 11001 1111 11 1111 1111 11 11001 1111 1111 11001 11
  7. As usual with the Steam awards most categories are for games released in 2019. The only category that allows older games to be nominated is the "The Labour of Love" category, so you can put WF there.
  8. You can play co-op just fine, and it's arguably more fun than solo - higher spawn rates, fun with synergies, ability to resurrect when downed. It just doesn't follow the typical tank/healer/DD trope. Although there are frames that are better at going toe to toe than others (which makes it tempting to think of them as tanks), the game lacks the aggro controls that a tank requires. Without tanks, every frame needs the ability to survive when they pull a lot of aggro, which means most of them are also able to survive without help from a specific buffing class. That doesn't mean support frames aren't appreciated though, it just means they're not going to wait for you, you have to be as good and fast at supporting them as they are at killing stuff. I've never heard a Saryn complain that the rest wasn't doing enough damage in all the time I've played public, and I don't think anyone would complain if a Banshee, Wisp or Oberon who knew how to play their frame joined the team.
  9. Prime parts are Orokin creations, and non-prime variants (of both weapons and warframes) are current day (inferior) attempts to copy the old Orokin tech. As such it would not merely not make sense if the creation or mastering of a prime required the non-prime variant, it would be entirely impossible without a seriously messed up time-travel angle. What you propose might make some sense from a game design angle if you consider primes to be upgraded variants of the regular ones, but it's exactly the reverse, the primes are the originals. You might say that lore can be changed but this one is so ingrained in the entire story line that there is not a chance in hell of that. Clearly DE didn't want to go that way.
  10. AFAIK syndicate missions will clear a node too (on PC at least) unless they changed that in the past half year or so. I cleared the entire map solo and I used those to scoop up a few pesky backlog nodes. Not a particularly good strategy to follow if you want to clear an entire planet before you progress though, you have to wait for the specific node to have a syndicate mission, and it has to be a mission type that is actually more favourable than the one that's bugging you. The odds aren't your friend there. Pluto is a bit of a shock because they really start throwing the masses of moas at you which eat through Frost's globe pretty fast. Aside from getting the good weapons and ranked up mods to take them out as fast as you can, I found a specter or 2 can really help things along on tougher missions. Get a Rhino specter (1 or 2 star is enough) with a Hek on him and let it roam free, they're practically unkillable and they will use their stomp and pump that Hek like it's going out of style. Ancient Healer specters can be used to heal defense targets (tell them to stay inside the globe or they'll wander). Throw in a Clem just for the lulz and you have yourself a solo army.
  11. After killing my first Lich there is one thing that puzzles me: when my Lich leveled up to (I believe) level 4, it lost its weakness. At the start it was immune to rad, resistant to viral and toxin, and weak to corrosive, but at level 4 it only had the immunity and resistance left when looking at his screen, there was no mention of a weakness anymore. Note that it went from level 2 to 4 quite fast and I might not have looked carefully at its screen in the short period while it was level 3, so it might have lost the weakness at level 3 instead of 4. I just know that at level 4, it was gone. I figured this was simply because it had leveled up and became stronger and that it would eventually happen with every Lich when it leveled up. However I see plenty of people making mention to "mod for its weakness" when sharing tips on how to take out high level Liches. So why did mine's weakness disappear? Is this common? Is it a bug? Display issue only perhaps? Anyone seen this happen on their Lich too?
  12. Sure thing, you seem to be offline now but I've sent you an invite, check your Inbox next time you are on 🙂
  13. I love her look, the Jellyfish inspiration I think is a brilliant find, after all a jellyfish in the water looks a lot like Ivara in prowl. It's designed by the same artist as the original Ivara and it shows in the style, but this is hardly a carbon copy work. As with most primes the biggest difference are in the details and those shoulder pieces and the 'skirt' are magnificent IMO. It still has to look like Ivara of course. She's not like Mesa, if you see a cowgirl you know it's Mesa no matter if she's wearing a thong and chaps or daisy dukes. Ivara was never like that, she never really looked recognizably like the thing that inspired her design. That gave the artist the freedom and possibility to find other inspiration but still make her look like Ivara. As for acquiring her, as many have pointed out it's always been that way with primes. To change that entire system now, wouldn't that be more 'unfair' than any (perceived) unfairness people experience over a grind they chose to do themselves despite knowing the prime would come along one day? Daikyu is one of my fav weapons but in all honesty it's the best bow already so priming it might have been a bit too much power creep (or alternatively, be a disappointing upgrade). The Baza on the other hand is a great weapon for Ivara that unfortunately doesn't scale up all that well at the high end levels, so to get a boosted version of that can be great... depending of course on how exactly it is boosted 🙂 Regarding the secondaries, the original release was with Talons I believe? Explosives aren't really a typical choice for an Infiltrator either and I'm not sure there are any secondary crossbows left to prime?
  14. After a year of exclusivity the moment you've all been waiting for is here: Optimus Sublime is recruiting! We're old, our hands are arthritic and our eyes shot from spending a lifetime behind the screen. We pretend we like to crawl around missions endlessly in our decidedly non-meta builds but the truth is we just can't keep up with these speeding youngsters anymore. There is still hope though, we may be past our Prime but we're still Optimus Sublime! So far the message from our sponsor, on to the nitty-gritty: Rank 9 Ghost clan on PC. We have a Dojo! With 2 or 3 obvious exceptions (Hema...) all weapon/warframe/archwing research is done! Currently working on our pigments. We have a Dry Dock! We have a Crimson Branch! We want to fill up to 10 members but who knows if there's enough interest we may take it even further. We are looking for active members. Initiates who don't play for multiple weeks will be kicked to make room for active players. No MR or Region restrictions, however a reasonable understanding of the English language is required. Even if you're a complete noobie you are welcome, provided you feel like you would fit in. We prefer character, originality, and creativity over meta builds. Meta-shaming will not be tolerated (or any kind of shaming really). We're totally unorganized; there will be no web page, no discord, no weekly agenda, none of that stuff unless you feel like setting it up yourself and accept that nobody might care. We're here to be ninjas, not administrators! We're players who can (and like to) find our own way around but need access to a clan and a small group of active players for the related co-op benefits such as Clan research, Relic sharing, Lich/General trading, Railjack, Events, sharing game tips and info and the occasional helping hand with hard content. Of course we squad up whenever we feel like it, but recruiting for regular missions is not our primary purpose. As such we're very open to applications from soloist and small family/friend teams. Excessive memers will be summarily executed banned. Please post your questions or applications here. You can also message me (@Moscatinka) in game, I am typically online on weekdays between 18:00 and 21:00 and again between 23:30 and 03:00 CET (= 12:00-15:00/17:30-21:00 EST), plus most of the weekends.
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