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  1. I don't know what feedback this was based on or what troll gave it, but a gun with a charge mechanic that takes 1.4 seconds and then fires automatically on full charge is laughably unusable (I tried, it really is, I laughed and laughed and when I ran out of tears I switched to my secondary). If it held its full charge like a bow then perhaps, maybe, someone could make a nice toy build with it, but with the auto-shot at full charge it's just pointless. The Tombfinger/Tremor combi was already underwhelming as either a gun or a rocket launcher, with this change it's... I dunno, what's below underwhelming? Just please stop trying to cross over bows/snipers with grenade launchers altogether, it's just not a good concept. I figured someone would have gotten that after the Bramma debacle but apparently the message got lost in translation. A bow/sniper is THE choice of weapon for long range, high single target damage, you can't just throw AoE into that and expect to come up with something balanced or useful. We have an excellent mod for people who want exploding arrows, leave it at that, kthx.
  2. Bring along a high fire rate auto rifle or pistol and you'll do just fine. Mod for magnetic seems a good idea. Honestly, my first encounter I had my Kuva Twin Stubbas with me modded for gas and they got the job done too, the number of bullets is the key, more is better. Baza with magnetic works great, killed Pluto sabotage treasurer in under 20 bullets, less than half a magazine, or 2 seconds tops. It's no different for Corpus proto-shields, heavy hitters are terribly inefficient against them too. Just grab anything that can shoot 10 times in the time your Tombfinger shoots twice and those shields will melt.
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