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  1. I can confirm these counts are wrong right off the bat. I killed my first (and only) Teralyst 2 days ago. According to my stats I killed 2 Teralysts. It boggles the mind what sort of bug could make a computer forget how to count integers. DE always accomplishing the impossible 🙂 My kill was a solo kill in solo mode so I don't think it has anything to do with client/host issues. I'll keep an eye on it when I kill any more to see if I can find a pattern but that will probably be a while. This first one was a bit of a spur of the moment/on a whim thing and I need to adjust my setup a bit before I do any more cause whittling down that last 3% of its health with a dagger while Onkko was shouting at me that the sun was coming up wasn't very elegant.
  2. The Aura slot has a - polarity out of the box. I just saved you a Forma, you're welcome! 🙂 Edit: perhaps I misunderstood, I'll have to recount but I thought you were suggesting the aura slot needed a forma 😉
  3. I just did a quick test and can confirm Ash is broken too, similar to Loki, you have to wait until his invisibility runs out before you can recast it. The visual effect is the same too, the FX are still there but the frame is visible beneath them..
  4. Invisibility breaks when transferring back from operator to invisible warframe. The ability is still active but the frame is visible to both player and enemies. In case of a channeled ability like Ivara's prowl it can be stopped and restarted successfully, but in case of a timed ability like Loki's you have to wait until it runs out and are visible for that duration without being able to recast it.
  5. Thanks for the fixes. Looks like no fix for Ivara's prowl breaking on bullet jump from standstill. Please don't let this one linger, it's a pretty devastating bug for the play style that makes this WF uniquely interesting.
  6. Played some more, first a small correction: jumping from standstill while NOT crouching still works, it's only the bullet jump that breaks prowl. I'm pretty sure regular jump broke prowl yesterday too for me but it was late at night, maybe I was wrong or maybe it was already fixed in last night's patch. However playing some more also made me realize this really has to be fixed quickly as it's a crippling bug for the Ivara WF. Aside from the obvious disadvantages, this change also devalues the Infiltrate augment to the point where it all but becomes pointless to waste a mod slot on it. Although you can still walk through barriers here and there with it, it is exactly on the maps where this mod shines because it allows you to take shortcuts (like the Grineer sealab vault with the platforms or the Corpus vault with the laser barriers over the gaps in the floor) where it now has become useless, because those shortcuts all require you to bullet jump through laser barriers! So instead you are forced to take the long way around, which really beats the whole point of having an infiltration warframe with a infiltration-specific augment. Please fix this quickly!
  7. Using mouse&keyboard, jumping from prowl (both bullet jump and regular jump) are now entirely broken. Jumping will always break prowl, even when done from total standstill.
  8. I can let you know right now. I have all acts completed except the Eidolon Hunt and the Sortie (which I don't expect or try to complete). I have done all of this in Solo mode in regular planetary missions and PoE. I have made a total of 34.5K standing. I also have a 9-6 job and didn't start until Thursday evening. I am by no means a newbie anymore and I don't expect a newbie to be able to complete the 9 invasions, 3 waves of SO, Cephalon Simaris scans and Eximus kills so I didn't count them in my previous post. The rest of it is level independent and can be done at any level, with enemies of your own level, with a comparable amount of effort as I put into it. Furthermore, I think if I had "a life as well, a job, a wife, kids, other games you might be playing too" as you say I wouldn't be so arrogant as to expect I could reach top rank. I only have about half of those and if the current trend is any indication I will just about reach top rank myself (I'm taking into account that I rushed a few things because we only had half a week on this first round). That seems more than fair to me, I wouldn't have complained if as a solo player I would have been stuck just a little lower. The true elites can rake in a bunch of extra wolf creds after rank 30 and the people who have all of the above will have to learn to live with the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. If you are a casual player you have to make some sacrifices. For me those are the Eidolon Hunt related stuff and Sorties, big deal, there's plenty of other fun stuff to do. For you or a new player it might mean not reaching top rank in Nightwave, you'll still be able to get plenty of wolf creds to get the stuff you truly need, with more choice and far less forced "like it or lose it" than the random alert system offered.
  9. Sorry but that's just complete nonsense. Without ever leaving regular Earth missions, you can complete for 3K each: Fully Socket 5 Ayatan Sculptures, Complete 3/3 Capture missions, Kill 500 enemies, that's 9K, all 4 dailies so far could be done by an MR1 on Earth, that's another 4K for 13K, an adventurous newbie can jump in on public PoE missions early on (I did a few times at MR1 on Excalibur, it was fine) for another 3K making 16K total. Doing all of that you should be able to get another 500-1000 for refugee captures, that means an active newbie can score 17K standing in the week they started. Which only lasted 5 days because we didn't start on Monday this first time. Assuming you keep that up you end up with 200 wolf creds, 2 weapon slots, 1 warframe slot, a potato, 20K kuva and the awesome Grakata mod. And more than likely you will be able to increase that to 20-25K a week within a few mastery ranks. How is that not good? Do you expect a newbie to be able to get the max standing on their very first rotation? Do the maths before you post, it's just adding and subtracting after all.
  10. It's funny how every other post in this thread seems to be from a MR26 who claims this new system is worse for newer players. As someone who is nowhere near MR26 yet, new enough for my MR1 antics to still be fresh in my memory, and who still needs many of the items in these loot lists, I ask you all, pretty please with sugar on top: stop trying to represent me! The only reason the alert is system was nice for new players is because when you're entirely new, every aura or alert mod you score is a new toy to play with. This hasn't changed, the same is true for the new system. But once you have gathered say 30% of the auras, 3 out of every 10 aura alerts is wasted on you and you end up chasing some lame website so you can finally find yourself a corrosive projection or energy syphon that you desperately need to pull your weight. The new system allows me to get those auras and cosmetic items I still need with much more efficiency and lets me choose (with some limitations due to rotation) which aura or helmet I want to have first. There is just absolutely no way in which an entirely random system is on average going to give you a complete collection faster than a system that lets you choose from rotations. That is simple mathematical fact. The new system is a much better way to get the items you really need first, and to get your complete collection (if you're the kind of player who goes for that) much faster. On top of that, in the old system if an aura came up that you needed badly, you had to run a freaking vampire nightmare mode interception or something similarly excruciating for a player with not much gear to get the reward. In the new system at least you have plenty of choice on how you're going to get the standing to earn that wolf cred. As is obvious for any overhaul like this, and as DE has indicated themselves in posts and streams, some balancing and review of rewards vs investment will still be needed. I'm sure DE is running the necessary daily statistics to see if the average player is getting their satisfaction and the hardcore player is getting their completionism fix, but those have nothing to do with the system they have put in play here, which is just leagues better than a bunch of random timed missions with a one time reward that you may or may not see back again within any given period of time.
  11. Are we supposed to be able to kill The Wolf in solo mode? If yes, then the scaling is way off. I emptied my entire Baza magazine (3x forma, modded for crit, corrosive & heat), continued to empty my entire Catchmoon magazine, both of them every single shot right in his ugly face with Ivara's prowl headshot multiplier active. That got him down to about 40% HP. I then proceeded to whittle him down with my zaw dagger which took... a loooong time. When I had him down to 10% HP he just disappeared. This happened twice. I'm perfectly OK with there being content that's only meant for teams, but as I said then just don't spawn him in solo missions. The way he's scaled now in solo mode it's just a pointless exercise in frustration, which is never a good thing. It's almost as if he was designed specifically to ruin the fun of every mission he appears in. Other than that, I love the new system. Much better than the alerts.
  12. I saw all the twitter feed and smart-phone type posts and just had to go for a retro 90s internet style look. If you are reading this on a phone... well, enjoy the picture 😛 Realized I broke the 100 word limit, here's a cut down version. To be clear I'm not counting the 4 buttons at the bottom, but you can include the Cetus Dating Network banner and prompts and it's exactly 100 by my count. Switched to Comic font for authentic retro feel 😄
  13. Great contest, still a relative newbie this is my first time playing around with Captura. Ivara and her loyal Sahasa Kubrow Miss Marple making best use of the environment to dispatch some Corpus Crewmen.
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