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  1. PS4 Controller melee with RT. Not sure how I finally got this but here's what I did. (I use Steam but without Big Picture Mode) In Steam I found Offficial Config for Warframe (Not the one by DE Jim). I also believe it said this config was for steam controllers? Why I didn't try it before. In Warframe I have the PS4 selected in their options. (had been set to default many times) Everything on my controller works like it's supposed to except you still draw the Melee weapon with "O" and attack is "RT", channel is "RS", pulling "LT" will transition you from melee to firing your weapon. It's a beautiful thing having Melee again. If this doesn't work, I'll look at more setting I have. I tried changing some around after the RT started to work and nothing changed it. Good luck, hope this works for you.
  2. PS4 Controller still won't melee. Tried the default reset thing many times. I have been getting away without having to use that GOD AWFUL Big Picture Mode. But I tried using it again just to see. NOPE, didn't help. I've uninstalled my controller from my PC and reinstalled. Everything is up to date. The channeling was still on LT even after the Buried Debts was released. But now it's not working on LT or RT, or anywhere??? It disappeared? My upcoming MR19 Test is MELEE !!! I come from playing all the Dark Souls series, Melee game. I really need my melee back. I'm begging now..... I can draw the weapon and that's it. Attack still is not working. If I pull the RT, the primary does not load. I've not been using BIG PICTURE MODE through steam, I believe this is all you guys. If this was a "Steam-Big Picture Mode" problem, mine should have worked and still be working just fine. Sorry I know you guys take a lot of sh*t all day. I'm also aware of the good things you do for us. Keep up the good work and please just fix ASAP On a good note: The new Warframe is incredible, like her a lot. Lots of fun, powerful, different... 🙂
  3. For my PS4 controller, Big Picture Mode is just bad, I quit using it. I log in with keyboard, as soon as I'm in game, I plug my controller back in to the PC. I can chat & trade now without all the hassles from BPM. BPM will try to start but I decline. Life is better without. Since this update, like I said yesterday, something has happened to the melee attack. I can equip like before, but can't attack. Reset to defaults, changed settings around, nothing resolved. Even reluctantly tried BPM and it didn't work that way either. My LT is still channeling as well. I think it's supposed to be on RS? They are aware of the controller issue. Right now, I don't think we can fix it ourselves. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon, stay positive. I'm trying to.
  4. Melee changes aren't working for my PS$ controller. I had found a way to quit using Steam's Big Picture Mode and everything was fine, finally. So after this update, I log in, draw my melee weapon and can't attack. I tried different weapons and settings. Reluctantly turned on Big Picture Mode, no luck. Please help, patch, something, but hopefully I won't have to go back to that God Awful Big Picture Mode. Big pain in the …... thank you 😰
  5. Controller issue here (PS4), can draw my melee weapon but can't attack. The auto block works and the LT channeling . RT fires my weapon, but doesn't return me from melee to weapon. Tried a couple different melee weapons and different settings, no luck. All was good until the update, I am excited to try this new melee out. So please patch ASAP And thank you for all that you do
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