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  1. Sors Elegit Nos is a Shadow clan on PS4 which won 3rd place in the most recent dojo contest, and we are now recruiting! We are a clan built on respect and ask for mature players that are MR10+ and/or 16 years of old or older that are really into the game and are willing to help the clan. Benefits: We are apart of the Stalkers of Hunhow alliance, which is one of the largest alliances on PS4! The alliance also hosts giveaways and events! 100% Research done (excluding Ignis Wraith) Beautiful, large dojo We also have a Discord server (and so does the Alliance), which I will provide to new members upon request. Most of our rules are related to our alliance: 21 day inactivity limit No trading in Alliance Chat (unless its syndicate or requiem trade requests, as well as kuva liches, fish, gems and lenses) No cussing, bullying or derogatory statements whatsoever in Alliance Chat OR around younger members in our clan No begging for plat in Alliance Chat Limit of PSN message chats to avoid spam I will provide a document of full clan rules and alliance rules upon request.
  2. Thanks a lot DE for the 3rd place shadow clan on ps4! This truly means a lot! Regards, Everyone from SorsElegitNos
  3. No hay una "solución" en este momento que yo sepa. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es verificar tus puertos y ver si todos están abiertos para que Warframe se juegue en tu PS4 (también verifica si los puertos necesarios para jugar ps4 también están abiertos). Para mi amigo en Curazao, el juego se arregló solo, pero eso sucedió un día después de que toda la isla perdiera electricidad, por lo que realmente no sé si DE ha anunciado una solución para esto todavía. En el mejor de los casos, comuníquese con su proveedor y vea si pueden resolver el problema con su tecnología. DE Bear dijo esto con respecto al tema: En español: "Hemos identificado un problema por el cual ciertos ISP y / o ciertos tipos de enrutadores pueden almacenar en caché y luego servir versiones obsoletas o obsoletas de solicitudes web realizadas por Warframe (lo que hace que las alertas antiguas permanezcan visibles o que los temporizadores de compilación no progresen). Actualmente estamos desarrollando una solución que evitaría dicho almacenamiento en caché. Hasta entonces, nuestro mejor consejo es intentar deshabilitar cualquier almacenamiento en caché en su enrutador (el ciclo de alimentación puede purgar temporalmente su caché) y garantizar que todos los puertos relacionados con Warframe estén abiertos (más información sobre esto está disponible aquí: https://www.warframe.com/firewall) " Esperemos que esto les dé a las personas una mejor comprensión
  4. You have to go into your router's configuration and forward the ports from there. There are many guides on how to do it on the internet. Also, there is an issue with Warframe and certain routers at the moment, so if forwarding the ports doesn't work, that may be the issue why
  5. It didn't work for my friend, so I doubt it has been fixed for everyone
  6. This looks like a major bug on DE's end since this is actually the case. Hopefully this gets fixed in a future hotfix
  7. So apparently ever since 8pm Curacao time, my friend hasn't been able to log in to Warframe. He is getting an error message in game saying "Unable to connect. Please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed." He has tried clearing his ps4 cache and nothing worked. Anyone have possible solutions? I have a feeling his game application might be corrupted, so I feel like he needs to delete and reinstall Warframe or if that doesn't work, rebuild his console's database.
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