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  1. #1 and 5 still need more evidence, everything else has been proved as factual months ago, you are way too late my friend. ALSO DON'T F**KEN DOUBLE POST!!!
  2. technically when you purchase prime access, you are also purchasing platinum, so I'm just saying why is it not? Its the same thing for paying the $50, $100, and $200 platinum purchase, you are paying for platinum, but they also give you specials like mods, so why doesn't it work on prime access when you are buyinh platinum with specials?
  3. Actually Nyx's chaos is supposed to make the enemy think that the other enemy looks like nyx, thats why it makes them fire each other, because there is a nyx clone they are seeing in front of them, it would make 0 sense that they would shoot each other if the animation changed to that, because then they wouldn't shoot each other, just shoot the demon above them.
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