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  1. Most people use it by charging it to the cap, in one-two high powered shots, or with a fast beam, then detonating it on the floor. That way you can do a damage nuke to every thing in range. The other use is as a moving shield, but that kind of depends on the speed and the augment. I skipped Nova for age, but actually enjoyed her a lot, while re-farming Nidus.
  2. To clarify, there has only been one and it was real, but it being there was a screw up. Still, I'm happy I was able to buy it and kind of wish they hadn't recently stopped you rebuying things you own. It's a sensible decision, but now I've only been bitten by it.
  3. It's perfectly usable, but it doesn't have an edge over anything anymore, except maybe one or two random enemies.
  4. The melee other frames are Wukong, Atlas (combo punch and short pouch) & Valkyr (, Garuda has claws, but they're not great, though she can pouch from a long way off and sort of tank). Baruuk is immortal and had ranged melee. Volt, and Wisp buff melee speed and Volt can CC for CO. Gara & Nezha tank and cause proximity procs for CO, whereas Rhino tanks and gives faction damage from roar. Ash as cinematic auto execution melee and teleport back-stab.
  5. Sadly, Firestorm doesn't effect the pull and they specifically made the amalgam mod not effect the AoE. DE really hates those mods.
  6. Despite Leyzar repeating that every video, that's only the 5 Apex mini-bosses & mechs, everything else that's viral immune, is immune to everything. Corrosive doesn't have a niche any more, where it's best, other things are equal or better.
  7. You say that, ignoring the OP's insistence on a crit build, but then you use corrosive. Why?
  8. Yes, read his original post and my edit, he is only interested in crit builds. Yes, that's why most of my suggested builds included viral mods.
  9. As I said, I've claimed 4 weapons, but never converted. Which weapon lich should I get for the Command tree?
  10. I'd build viral/Bleed, or Viral/Bleed/Heat-with over 100% status. You could also make use the innate viral and use toxin for corpus. Something like https://overframe.gg/build/new/5315/proboscis-cernos/?bs=WzEsNTMxNSwzMCwxLFtbNjk2LDUsM10sWzYzMCw1LDBdLFs1ODksMywzXSxbNTkyLDMsMF0sWzU5MSwzLDBdLFs1ODMsMTAsMF0sWzYzNiw1LDBdLFs2MjYsMTAsMF1dXQ== or https://overframe.gg/build/new/5315/proboscis-cernos/?bs=WzEsNTMxNSwzMCwxLFtbNTg0LDUsM10sWzY5Niw1LDBdLFs2NTIsNSwzXSxbNjUxLDUsMF0sWzU5MiwzLDBdLFs1ODMsMTAsMF0sWzYzNiw1LDBdLFs2MjYsMTAsMF1dXQ== Unless you force crit with exter
  11. A good tip, in the Plains/Deimos, if to get out the rifle in archwing and farm creatures without tracking them, you can get a lot that way and they regularly respawn, based on proximity and chance.
  12. They are powerful, but not needed and a heavy investment, but to buy, level and fit on weapons. Rhinos buff, from helminth would be an easier way to get faction damage.
  13. Basically, crit is king for amps and the (7) Cetus brace is better than any other because of that. Especially as Crit damage buffs are the only way to multiply amp damage. When it comes to the other parts: Propa can deal the most damage, on average, but only if you proc Virtuous_Shadow and aim in the right place. The shrapsum is a bit more consistent and forgiving, but has a bit lower damage ceiling. However, for eidolons you will always be using focus schools to buff damage (Maduria & Unairu), so could could stack a bit to overcome the difference. X77, is m
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