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  1. Can you run Marduk? Edit: If you're not good as staying mobile, you can just use cheat frame to ignore all the extra T4 damage bonuses, Revenant or Limbo make you immortal with no special builds or arcanes, Titania would also make you more evasive. There's 0.75% better odds than Striborg ands that adds up. Still you're probably looking at 20-40 run. And I hate to say it, especially after farming it myself, but animations aside, since the rework, High_Noon does do better paper damage, except for blocking and moving. I'm not 100% if the stance causes bleeding( on shots or melee) anymore? Or if it effects pellet number on different weapons. So honestly, outside of completion, Bullet_dance isn't really needed now that High_Noon has all ranged combos.
  2. It's been so long since the new corpus tiles, the update to spy missions and the bug it introduced is still not patched. Locked doors will still stay permanently locked, unless you move some distance from the door and then approach it again. This is not a game breaking bug (once you know how to get around it, I aborted the mission the first three times), but it is a bafflingly stupid bug and I'm honestly surprised that it still isn't patched. Please fix this DE.
  3. You can buy the key, but you can't use it. I bought a stack.
  4. You can and should scan them, but as you can't repeat the mission, if you get less than 40, I would abort and retry. It would also help to have all the chances to get extra drops: like the Simaris scan widgets and a weapon that can make ghost of enemies, so you can scan each twice.
  5. Yeah, Twitch changed the system so that, after you've qualified for a reward, you have to go to a page and manually claim it. If you don't it expires. I lost a lot , not knowing that. My Loki came pretty much after I claimed it. To be fair, they posted for weeks that you'd need to relink your account if you wanted the Tennocon rewards; if you were engaged enough with the media to know there were rewards, but assumed you didn't need to follow their instructions, even though the drops system changed months ago, that's not too much on them. If you linked, qualified, claimed and had Twitch confirm the claim, then you need to contact DE.
  6. Unless your Eidolon farming, then he's a team carry. He's basically a self buffing Gun-Mage, who incidentally buffs others near him, but he needs to hit enemies to trigger some of his buffs and needs kills to regen team energy. He's fun to play, though not speed/nuke/AoE meta. Though as he's the headshot frame, he may see some more general use now, with the new arcanes. I'd check out his abilities and see if you like them.
  7. Thanks for the confirmations. A nerf that doesn't take much, but likewise wasn't really needed. Oh well.
  8. I was thinking of trying Limbo for some endless steel Path and wanted to check some things, but on his and Gara's page it now just says "frozen enemies are not immune to new procs" and "procs that existed before freezing will end normal". Was this feature nerfed? Thanks for any confirmation.
  9. As other have said, unless you're mr30, you will need to level your frames & weapons to unlock their capacity.
  10. Really depends on if they're the sentients that are immune to statuses or not. If they're immune, you can only use raw damage and crit and remove their adaptations with void damage, optherwiase4, viral/slash/ect works was normal. Frames with abilities that make enemies take extra damage, without viral, are also useful.
  11. I think the only other place is in the void caches, but those odds (for a sinfle extract) really aren't good. I'd just wait for more NW.
  12. It worked for me and I just sys-linked the epic folder to my steam folder, so I didn't have to re-download. Are you going to the weapons skins dlc page on the epic store?
  13. If you just kill with her 4, then she'll get all the affinity from her kills and none will be split to weapons.
  14. Well, if my theory was right, Yes, it could be used just to stop him dying, otherwise, kuva would just be a transfer medium, to either a body or machine. Still, given the cultural significance of kuva, that doesn't seem incredibly likely. But yes, it's not impossible. Before the glassmaker, for a very long time, the only thing we knew about making a cephalon was that, in the one instance we knew about, kuva was used. It may have been used solely to transfer his mind to a new body and later generations of cephalon may not have needed this, with the vitrification process. Still, the idea predated vitrification and has kind of been grandfathered in to warframe for many years.
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