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  1. Wait, it beeps? What exactly do you mean by indicators? Like proximity? Outside of the new animals that only spawn when you do something, like breaking haptic-fronds, or the annoying bugs of cat's and dogs getting attacked on the way to you, or birds getting stuck in terrain, animals run to the lure site, so what would be the use of a proximity count, outside of bugframe situations. Not trying to criticise, I'm just not immediately seeing much utility, outside of bugged situations, that should be patched out.
  2. Voidrig's hips are stuck in the void?
  3. It seems to be a bug, you could fill out all the progress icons by completing both, but you'll only get MR progress for the 1st one you guild and max. The extra progress icons may be removed at some point, like the mastery symbols for un-gilded guns.
  4. "Blackarachnia Terrorize." Blackarachnia: What are you looking at? Silverbolt: That star. It's a planet really. It's Venus. It reminds me of you. Blackarachnia: Dark, deadly, and poisonous? You're sweet.
  5. My mistake, it was max ammo that was infinite and spectres with infinite mag. Thank you for pointing that out. That said, beam Robotics-weapons still list, as an un-fixed bug, that reload and mag-size mods have no effect outside the arsenal UI. eg Though fire-rate may also increase their status, which is also a bug. This does mean that the Cryotra will deal 8 ticks (or 160/4 = 40?) over 8s and the Atarax will deal 9 ticks (or 200/4.5 = ~44?) in 9s.
  6. I can understand that, but it is very inconsistent. You're not forced back if you take health damage, so why should you be forced back if you take energy damage? Though to be honest I'm more concerned by all the bugs the force you back to your frame if you move into certain areas; those specific gas-city changes were not welcome then and still aren't. Not to mention how that teleport resets all buffs :( .
  7. Why exactly are you farming plato? Beyond the quest, the only way to get the BP (without plat) is as a drop from the stalker and the parts as a drop from battalysts (so farm the ropabolyst and labs). I'm also pretty sure that no booster's going to effect those drop chances, just looters on the sentients. Edit: Ok, I looked up plato, I guess you're farming the blade and hilt. Ignore Lua, it was only used when there was no alternative. It is much easier to farm gas-city. In the boss fight alone you'll have around 10 enemies to loot and you could get another for e
  8. The difference is that Artarax is free and Cryotra is crafted weapon. The barrier to access marks a power difference. The main robotics builds are: Status: Cryotra 3-4 certain procs with each half ammo tick. Damage negligible. And may draw aggro. Damage: Sweeper_Prime short-range raw damage (Primed mods and Blaze) and DPS, but ~40% for 1 proc per shot / VULKLOK Crit damage and potential hunter munitions off 11k-15k shots, but slow fire-rate limiting DPS, though that may draw less aggro, as well as the sniper range. Bonuses: Focus just on set mods, or set mod
  9. Are the drops back to only from the dev stream, or are they still from any warframe stream on the day, like the prex cards? I keep arriving with 5 minutes to go. Do the after stream raids count?
  10. I've experienced the freezing after railjack too. A much more severe version of how the Valis can make you game unstable if you play regular mission after it.
  11. Yep, sadly they did that almost immediately, as soon as they realised that some people had stockpiled enough to max the Command tree on its release. It is sad for the rest of us.
  12. I'd caveat that title with, until you have a decent engine and one of the 2 meta damage avionics. You have to resort to cheesing by staying a long way off from the crewships, probably out of sling range, but once you can easily deal with all the fighters at once and dodge being boarded, it's fairly easy to solo any veil mission. Though slower.
  13. Thanks, I assumed it was as simple as that; but with Warframe, assumptions can be dangerous thing ;) .
  14. Thanks for the info. I ended up gilding them all again (had just enough resources for the cheapest disposable parts), but I probably should have checked if they were shown as mastered before re-gilding. Oh well, that was the cheapest bit anyway. It probably isn't worth ticketing this, especially with the current waiting times.
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