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  1. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    6 hours trying to get Octavia Neuroptics and no luck!

    Any luck yet? My last two Orokin derelict survival runs gave me octavia neuro's lol
  2. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    Prime Regulators vs Exalted Umbra Blade

    Alright thanks
  3. Hey there, I just got done with the sacrifice and unlocked Umbra Excalibur. Now I was wondering between Mesa Prime and Umbra Excalibur, who has the better 4 when fully modded for maximum dps?
  4. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, sydndicate caps no longer exist, instead it’s nearly impossible to gain standing I wish melee 3.0 would release already
  5. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    PvP idea (no battle royal)

    I think DE could definitely improve Dojo 1v1’s with the change of melee coming. With melee 3.0 melee combat should have a smoother feel to it, making the combat kinda like “For Honor”. I think they can expand upon this and add a parry ability, which is activated by blocking a melee attack at the last second. They could then change dojo 1v1’s to melee only and restrict all mods beside stance mods. That way they could have a test of skill rather than who has the better mods. *edit* Oh and they can also bring back the stamina bar to limit people spamming
  6. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    Ignis Or Dread

  7. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    Ignis Or Dread

    If you don't mind could you show me your Ignis Build?
  8. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    Ignis Or Dread

    Cheers for the quick reply
  9. (PS4)SomeBadVibes

    Ignis Or Dread

    Which of these two weapons would be worth putting a catalyst, forma and riven into?