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  1. I've had this issue as well and seems a lot of others have, de has to fix what the riven says at least or actually give the proper item
  2. I'm talking when I try to pause the game the pause menu just doesn't show up, even on solo games it does it, I'm aware that public games don't pause but its the menu itself that doesn't show up making it impossible to check progress of the mission, options, even aborting mission or using chat.
  3. Not sure why this bug happens but I'm sure its tied to the connection between host, it just prevents someone from pausing the game meaning its impossible to do anything including putting /unstuck to even try to fix it, I've had this happen a lot and so have other friends. It can happen at any time during missions and doesn't show at the start usually.
  4. If thats the case its sad that even 100% stagger immunity doesn't mean 100% and its for "balancing purposes"
  5. Not sure why but I've found that primed sure footed sometimes doesn't work, its 100% immunity to stagger and knockdown and it is maxed out, I've been knocked down, usually when I'm not the host but I've also had it not work when I am the host and in a solo mission
  6. No, thats the condition on that sortie part, radiation hazard means there's areas of radiation and the enemies bullets proc radiation, the operative got the status and then killed you.
  7. After a host disconnected I started another bounty and completed it, the whole time no rewards were given, I checked after every part to confirm and its definitely not giving my rewards for that bounty. I only continued to confirm it wasn't rewarding items for completing parts
  8. The deimos arcana update has been buggy which is expected yet I've seen far more issues with an addon to the open world compared to the actual open world, often times I fail to join sessions and I get disconnected from the host, disconnections are still an issue in itself, from mechanics not working to now weapons on necromechs no longer doing appropriate damage with its archgun its an issue that need to be looked at. There are several times now that the game crashes and there's no obvious reason for it to happen.
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