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  1. Hello, nickname in game is BloodOfAngel_, I have played Arbitration for 80minutes and on 40th minute have received Adaptation and later on Vigorous Swap on 80th minute, after leaving the mission I received all the loot such as endo etc and Vigorous Swap, but did not get Adaptation, the only thing I did not get. This also happened to the people I played the mission with the nickname of them are SecSicario and HighDamage, they both also have not received the mod, it was clearly shown that we got the mod. Please fix the bug, I spent hours trying to get it.
  2. I bought a 3-day affinity booster on February 1st, 2019, and 2 days later I received a 3-day affinity booster reward from Sorties, and also that day received another5-hour affinity booster from the daily reward, and now I have total of 3days and 23 hours of affinity booster, but when I play Sedna, Hydron to level up my items, I receive 1x xp, when my friends receive the double of what I earned in that mission. How could I fix this, or could I at least receive a new booster, new player don't have enough platinum to buy one. Name in game - BloodOfAngel_
  3. Where is the discounts, I did not go to sleep to buy it first, you "nice people " 🙂😉❤️
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